Versatile Blogger Award…quite an honor. (One More Try)

I was so suprised and happy to open my e-mail this morning to find a note from; A Versatile Blogger Award for me! I couldn’t be smiling any harder. I started blogging about 6 months ago. My life has not always been easy, but I try to find beauty in everything; so, I figured I’d share my journey with you ~ through photos and stories. It has been a blast. I always have a notebook with me to jot down ideas for my next post, and my camera by my side, as I get most inspiration from photographs (my true love).

The participating rules for the Versatile Blogger are as follows:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
Thank you so much, Renee. I find her writings inspiring. If you haven’t already (and I can’t imagine you haven’t) checked out her blog, head on over there for some well written fascinating reads.

2. Reveal 7 things about yourself.

1. I have 14 llamas. Do you have a moment? OK? Let me tell you how this adventure began.
A 4-H project for my daughter Jenn…her friend was in the llama 4-H program and she was smitten. We lived right smack dab in the center of New London, NH…she would have to lease an animal (the llama stays on the farm it is leased from). All was going well; she would be showing in her first fair.
After arriving at the fair, settling in, and enjoying the first day’s activities..llama pens cleaned, animals fed and watered;we headed into our camper to get a good night’s sleep before Jenn’s first competition. It was barely dawn, I heard a light knocking at the door. It was the 4-H leader..her face was red, her eyes puffy; I could tell she had been crying. “What happened?” …more sobbing… “Jenni’s llama died during the night!” (insert look of horror here) followed by more sobbing, this time from behind me. Jenn had been awoken…and was silently listening to the conversation. We had a very sad 7 year old on our hands. After lots of consoling..we found ourselves searching for Jenni’s very own llamas. We heard of a nice farm in Vermont and on a sunny Sunday morning, set off in search of the perfect llama. The farmer was so kind and soft spoken, we walked Jenni around looking at all of his llamas and talked with her about each animal and llamas in general. He gave her pointers and tips around camelid care. Finally he pronounced,”I have the perfect llama for you”. “She is calm, sweet,all you could ask for, and the price is right for a 4-H animal”. “We’ll take her”, I proclaimed!
…..the conversation came to a screeching halt. “Ma’am, you can’t have just one, they are herd animals. you need at least 2”. (reminder we live in the center of town). “oh, Ok”, I reply. At least, I am fairly certain I relied affirmatively…I must have, yeah. Anyway, he then continued with his herd animals spiel, “You can take Camille, with her sister Lilea, they have been together their whole lives, and i’d hate to split them up now”. More talking..I am now in a llama induced stupor, I continue to nod in the affirmative. He adds, “They are both bred and Camille comes with a cria (baby in llama speak) by her side. I am now, sweating profusely, can’t feel my fingers, and my knees are jello. “We’ll take them”. I heard this response, was someone throwing my voice, mocking me, committing to the ownership of 5 rather large animals? “We can deliver them” or you can pick them up in a few days”. I then realize we have no trailer. “Yes, could you deliver them please”? To where? uhmm, uhmm..think quick., Jessica. Think quick. There is a paddock down the road, perhaps we could board there. “I’ll get back to you tomorrow, we can set up a delivery”, I told the nice man. The drive home,(did I drive home) was filled with chatter and beaming smiles from the passenger side of the car. We were able to board our animals at the neighboring paddock, and the rest is history.

2. I am a paralegal , who worked in Domestic Violence Court Development.

3. I have 8 brothers and sisters.

4. Hello, my name is Jessica, I am a choco-holic.

5. My favorites color is green-blue-pink.

6. My eldest child and I are the same age. I will soon be younger than he.

7. I love Winnie the Pooh.

Finally, I am privileged to nominate……

3. Nominate and link to 15 bloggers.

1.; , all that I mentioned earlier…and more.

2. ~ She is an inspiration. I also passed on the Liebster award to her.

3. , a family affair..they all add to the blog with their own special personalities…I love it.

3. ~ I think you will enjoy this one.

4. Teri Conroy at ~ Always refreshing, and she shares my love of animals.

5. ~ a new one for me…

6. ~ I am certain Kimba doesn’t need my accolades, but this is the first blog I subscribed to and I still love it…though I
don’t know where she has been?

7. I am a self admitted francophile… to that end:

8. I started out life wanting to be an interior designer…

9. ~ musings, ideas, name it!

10., fun, creative

11. ~ sweet.

12. ~ She should be further up on this list…I love reading her, love, love.

13. ~ best recipes ever….

14. ~ One of my favorites…I will give her every award..OK?

15.”> “A Lighter Shade of Grey” ~ I am a relatively new follower…amazing, just amazing photography.

**not sure what was happening with my codes…I hope you can access these sights now!!!

Well, there you have it.
Some random photos from the last six months…

It is going to be a good day!
Be well,

26 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award…quite an honor. (One More Try)

  1. jess that is so lovely thank you,I look forward to aspping this on, now i am not sure if it is just me, but i cannot open your other links.. though my computer is being a bit BLINKY at the mo. c


  2. Congrats Jess! Really enjoying thekitchensgarden…thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

    I’m only seeing the first two blogs you have nominated and the rest are just your comments about the blogs without the links attatched.


  3. Congratulations on your award and the photos today let everyone know one of the reasons why we enjoy your blog. I want to thank you for thinking about my blog for the award. It is aways an honor when fellow bloggers appreciate and award your blog with an award.


    • I think your blog is great, wish I could cook like that! I am far too A.D.D…I start out fine…and end up, well, somewhere else with something that looks nothing like the dishes you present. πŸ™‚

      Thank you…


  4. I am so happy for you…CONGRATULATIONS! I read your blogs on my phone every time I get them, but, am unable to comment from there. Each one of them makes me smile and feel happy inside. Thank you for writing so beautifully and sharing your gorgeous photographs with all of us….


  5. Thank you for all of the compliments about my blog. It feels so nice to be ‘liked’ and I have to say, I enjoy everything about your blog. It is ‘real’ while being beautiful and thoughtful. Congratulations and well deserved!


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