Babies are such a nice way to start people on showery days.

Showery day for a shower… it is good luck according to the old greek mythology. Good we are headed in the right direction then!

Such special memories that day. A Mom to be surrounded by friends and family that will love and support her and her baby boy through all life’s milestones. Her sister and Mom coordinated the bash. The decorations were adorable, the spirits were high. Cole got so many great things…I can’t wait to meet him.

So where did this shower thing come from?

Showers. The original intent was for women to share wisdom and lessons on the art of becoming a mother.There are gifts given to the expecting mother. It’s a very affectionate and fun-filled event for expecting mothers on the threshold of motherhood and entering a new life.

This description holds true, unless you are my [then] 5 year old daughter, a niece was having her first child, Drew. Jenni was excited to attend the shower, to see relatives and have cake. We were about 1/2 hour into the gift opening portion of the shower when Jenni leaned over and whispered in my ear, “When do we take a shower”? I barely stifled my laughter as I explained that the new Mom was being “showered” with gifts not water.

A family and friend reunion of sorts, with gifts for the new baby. She looked disappointed, and asked for cake.

I will leave you with this thought. Maybe she had a good point, why would baby needs a shower when it is in the middle of a 9 month long bath already. Wouldn’t it make more sense to give the baby a shower, you know when it’s born… when it is all messy? That’s when a baby could use a good shower.

I’d like to wish you, dear Cole…., to be kind, beautiful, clear of purpose and with lofty aims. Have a good life!

A baby is a gift not only to the parents but to the grandparents and close friends. I wish you to have as many gifts as possible, my friends

They say when you see a falling star it will bring you luck. I wish you, dear baby, a rain of falling stars.

Children are sun shines. Let the sun always shine for you and make you happy.

Shannon and Nick; just think of all the cool things that are coming in the future. First tattoo, first date, first day of school, first words, and first steps are all ahead of you. Well… hopefully not in that order though.

Be well, Let your life be sunny and bright!

Oops, I spilled the beans..(a re-post from last summer)

(a re-post from last summer) Hope you enjoy.
What a beautiful morning,cool,a mist on the pasture, grass wet from dew; I am starting my morning chores a bit later than usual…Howie let me sleep in; he fed the chicks, ducks,dogs,Riley the cat and llamas. All I needed to do was clean the barn and put fresh bedding down (extra snuggle and photo time) or so I thought.

I took my time, taking to the “girls” as I worked; everyone does that right? Well anyway, I got every thing clean and fresh as a daisy (no, really). Still talking and puttering about, I start to drag the now nearly full barrel to the “poop pile”; walking backwards and pulling the barrel by the handle…then, like a slow motion film, I am falling ~ the handle on the barrel just gave way ~ no, I’m not falling onto a nice grassy pasture floor ~ I am falling into the “poop pile” … not only am I now on my hiney, hands, and what ever other part of me could possibly be… is in a pile of poop, the barrel that I just spent all this time and energy filling is now spilling out of the barrel around me. My first reaction, being cool and all, is to look around to see if anyone saw what just took place; no one around, but, I swear the llamas chuckled…(see photos below, there is a definite twinkle in Syria’s eye).

As I was gathering what was left of my dignity, and re-scooping poop,(can you think of anything more glamorous), the llamas sent out a “danger call”; if you have never heard that sound…it’s an alarm sound they make in times of distress, to warn the herd of intruders or potentially dangerous situations; sounds sorta like a rooster-ish/horse-ish whinny. Anyway, they all ran down to the fence line to investigate; I grabbed my camera, don’t want to miss all this excitement. Chester, KatDoll, Breezy, and little Andy(tucked in beside KatDoll), are looking toward the woods, that border a swampy pond… the high grass is rustling, as whatever it is makes it’s way toward the small tool shed. All eyes are fixed, and the calls continue…out pops Finnegan (so much for excitement) he must have gone for a stinky,yucky,smelly swim…the llamas aren’t used to anyone entering the pasture from that direction, as soon as Finnegan’s head erupted from the hedgerow, he ducked back in, he saw all of the llamas, standing making THAT noise at him. Of course, I could have put the camera down,and gone to get him, but what fun would that have been.There may be a dog gone good lesson to learn here (forgive the pun), after all, Finnegan should not be in the stinky, smelly pond. After, what seemed like an eternity, but was really only a few seconds, Finnegan, came out slowly, keeping, close to the ground, slinking across the yard past the llama’s admonishing chatter; as soon as he felt safe he all out sprinted to the safety of the front porch…Oh, Finni the amusement you provide.

Well, now that Howie is off the roof of the old barn we are dismantling, to re-purpose; I should go down there to help him…heights and I don’t get along very well.

A field full of sunshine…

The girls, waiting for me to clean their home…maid service is here!

Uggh, I spilled the beans.

These are my beautiful tools of the trade; beauty is in the eye of the beholder, ok?!

Syria, post chuckle..

Syria is Maeve’s Mom…hugs to her.

What is that over there??

Watching for the “intruder”…or Finni, as it turned out.

Here’s Finnigan, just so you have an idea of who caused all of the commotion.

Keep your eye on him!

Since Maeve’s passing, these two have been inseparable; I think she made a promise Maeve.

Never more than a step behind…

Turn your face to the sun…

Storms headed our way today…
Be well, enjoy your day.

Is there life after facebook?

ot,oh…I think facebook and I just broke up. You see we haven’t been seeing eye to eye lately, it seems to have become a venue for negativity and the gratuitous propulsion of opinion, right or wrong. I was going to post the photo and “blurb” that set this separation into motion. But, I feel it too graphic for my taste, so I won’t..let’s just leave it at this…I do not care to read in graphic detail how abortions are performed nor do I think Obama is the devil enabling such things… I don’t watch mainstream television for the same reasons…the carefully laundered news,graphic images, gratuitous violence and sex, I can do with out it, thank you very much. There is so much good in this world, why must we inundate our lives with such non-stop ugliness?

We were getting along fine for awhile; really, we were. I enjoyed viewing and posting updates, sharing photos and chatting with “friends”. I am not sure, when I was sucked in…when did I allow this virtual reality to gobble up so much of my time? So much time…I believe, if Facebook ever shuts down. You’ll see people roaming the streets shoving pictures in others faces screaming “Do you like this!?!?!…DO YOU!?!?!”

Little Andy with Breezy

Besides, I am capable of staying in touch with those I care about on my own with out, FB. I can. Really. I will have more time to accomplish those things high om my life’s list of priorities. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Facebook is evil and bad. It is just not for me. Just another decision to stay focused on the beauty and good in the world, and not be overwhelmed by negativity. I love the Web as a networking and communication tool…perhaps, I am old fashioned, but, prefer to meet friends in the world,our world..Sure, it takes more time and isn’t nearly as efficient. It’s not very meaningful, shallow even.

Do you think, you want to offer me some fiber...huh, do ya?

This begs the question,how is blogging any different? Now blogging, seems different somehow, I can take inspiration and knowledge from others as well, gift it. If I seek to learn something new, I find a blogger who knows all about it, and loves to share a common interest. That’s one of the things I love about blogging, and there are many others. What about you? What’s the attraction to blogging for you?

I feel like I am entering re-hab; can I go cold turkey? Or should I wean myself off? I will still keep the farm page up for a bit, I suppose. (guess that answers the wean myself off question)

Maeve with Andy shortly after his birth

“”I wonder what Piglet is doing,” thought Pooh.
“I wish I were there to be doing it, too.”
– Winnie the Pooh

Be Well,

Michael with the chickens…hold on.

Michael, a young man, 12 yrs old maybe; helped my husband and I load 1500 ft of split rail fence onto our truck. Laughing and chatting of his beloved chickens all the while ~ He tell me that he raises 300 of them! All manner of breeds, exotic breeds, as well as, more common type. His favorite are his silkies; “they make good mothers”,he says. I tell him that I agree with that choice, my little silkie hen is the most broody hen I have. Right now, Lil Mum, the silkie hen is sitting on 5 eggs, only one of which is hers. Three of the eggs are duck eggs, one is a Rhode Island Red…I can’t wait to see her mother…3 ducklings, and 2 chicks, all of them following her around the farmyard. I smile at the thought, and return to carrying posts..I have a new friend to keep up with.

It was such a delight to converse with, and work beside this industrious, hard working, and caring young man. I have little doubt that he will grow to be a great man one day. To start life caring for, nurturing, and in a few instances saving animals, must instill character beyond measure. A developed work ethic enviable to most employers. The dedication to complete farm chores – before school…his parents have done good work. as has he. (geesh, finish thoughts much?) I feel blessed to have met him.

Standing looking at the pile of wood, ready to be loaded onto the truck; I thought out loud, “Gosh honey, don’t you think there is too much for one load”? Husband’s response, “No, it will be fine, trust me”. Pan in on my bewildered, somewhat panic stricken ashen face.
Here we go! We stood a few of the shorter posts as braces along the sides of truck bed. The rails and posts piled high, I think too high. I wish I had my camera with me so you could have seen this. Our farm truck is not a new truck..17 or 18 yrs old…but good and strong for its job.but, ugly. (shh, don’t tell him I said this) I felt like we belonged on the Beverly Hillbillies. Now, that we had the truck loaded, overloaded really; the drive home, was a nail biter… with every curve in the road, I held my breath, hoping the load wouldn’t shift and roll.
Me,”Don’t you think you should slow down a bit”, … “shouldn’t we just stop here, and buy some extra rope or ties”….”Shouldn’t we just stop and let these people pass”?…”Shouldn’t “….Well you get the picture. He just smiled and assured me it would be alright. I was not so sure. Driving on the NYS Thruway, and the city streets of Schenectady; if you could have seen the looks we got! My daughter lives just outside of Schenectady, in the Town of Scotia, where we had to drop a few things off to her. I encouraged my husband to venture off with Josh to a hardware store where he could buy additional tie downs. He complied. I was thankful. Oh, the things we do.

Living with this man is always an adventure.

Last night we were able to install 3 sections of new (upcycled) fence…we were excited to see how it would look. This fence is for our gardens, which would other-wise ,quickly become chicken food without protection. I will staple chicken wire inside the lower sections to deter the little munchers. The new fencing will also keep Miss Lexi from lounging in the lavender.(I hope).

All things spring.

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nothing stays still for long..

Spring is here; it is officially the first day of Spring! we have been very busy here, tilling, planting early spring veggies, starting later season crops,herd health activities (wormings and such)… and the list goes on.
I always have plenty of help and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
Here Andrew is thinking and then asking: “Jessica, what do you want to do now?”

We set out to follow a bee busily collecting pollen.

As we were very near the girl’s pasture,they wanted to know what we were doing…

From there; because a 4 year old will be a 4 year old, we filled a little pool for the ducks (yup, it was that warm, in NY in March).

As the afternoon progressed, we watched as Howie tilled up the garden, as only he can…

Tie up the stakes…they need to support our peas. Thank you.

My youngest sister, my personal Master Gardener, helps me set the onions, and wrestle chickens, that’s another story…

After a long, warm beautiful day…

Have you begun spring chores? Do you have any traditional spring rites?
Enjoy this glorious day, it is supposed to be near 80 here!
Be Well,

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Beannachtam na Femle Padraig ~ Go mbeannaí Dia duit
Happy Saint Patrick's Day and May God Bless You.

Go raibh tú daibhir i mí-áidh
Agus saibhir i mbeannachtaí
Go mall ag déanamh namhaid, go luath a déanamh carad,
Ach saibhir nó daibhir, go mall nó go luath,
Nach raibh ach áthas agat
Ón lá seo amach.

May you be poor in misfortune,
Rich in blessings,
Slow to make enemies,
quick to make friends,
But rich or poor, quick or slow,
May you know nothing but happiness
From this day forward.

My Grandfather’s family was from County Mayo, Francis McHale – he was Scotch Irish.
Do you have Irish Lineage? Where from?

Be well

H.U.G. Award

Hope Unites Globally – HUG Award Guidelines

Thank You; Jueseppi B. (The ObamaCrat.Com) for this lovely, thoughtful award.

I am going about this a bit differently, only in that I am Mentioning the recipient of this award upfront: Katrina Capasso of Dakota Ridge Farm!

She is one of the most caring, selfless, generous, beautiful persons I have ever met. Not only is she an Angel to the animals in her care, she is an untiring angel to her family and friends. She is a staunch supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness and cancer research, you see, she lost both her beautiful Mother and Sister to cancer. If she could single-handedly stomp the disease out herself, I believe she would. If ever you need a friend or a hand she is there for anyone. I couldn’t think of a better recipient, if I thought all day. She was first to come to mind as soon as I read the guidelines…Love you,Trina!…here is a link to her Website.


“Hope is an expectant desire; a confidence in a future event; a ground for trust and confidence; to think; to look forward to with trust and expectant desire.”

The HUG Award© was initiated by Connie Wayne at A Hope for Today at, which promotes hope, love, peace, equality, and unity for all people.

The HUG Award© is for people with an expectant desire for the world, for which they: Hope for Love; Hope for Freedom; Hope for Peace; Hope for Equality; Hope for Unity; Hope for Joy and Happiness; Hope for Compassion and Mercy; Hope for Faith; Hope for Wholeness and Wellness; Hope for Prosperity; Hope for Ecological Preservation; Hope for Oneness

The HUG Award© recognizes and honors those who help keep hope alive in our current world, which is plagued by war, natural disasters, and economic recession. They nurture hope, in any of the above areas (in italics), by the work they do, or in their personal lives with things such as blogging, public speaking, charity work, etc.

The HUG Award© is for anyone, anywhere in the world, who meets the guidelines and wants to be nominated for the award. Please leave a comment on this page if you are interested in receiving this award, or if you would like to nominate someone else for the award.

The HUG Award© is for people who, without giving up or compromising their own religious, spiritual, or political beliefs, are able to nurture hope and respect the dignity of all people.

The HUG Award© is for those who, without bias or prejudice, use their resources and gifts to make the world a better place for everyone.

The HUG Award©is for people who have a hope or an expectant desire that the work or talents they use in things such as blogging, public speaking, charity work, etc., will make a positive impact on the world.

These people do not have to actively use the word “hope” in their work or creative talents. They only need be conscious of their desire to make the world a better place for everyone.

These people use their available resources–a smile, a hug, a helping hand, a listening ear, a voice, time, money, possessions, education, personality, talent,websites and blogs—to make a positive impact on the world and make the world a better place to live.

The HUG Award© is not specifically a website or blog award. It can be given to people in your community, at your employment, at your place of worship, etc. Please make sure they have a copy of these Guidelines, and please don’t forget to submit their names back to this site.


HUG Award© Image: Those who receive the HUG Award© may paste a copy of the original HUG Award© image into an Image widget on their website or blog by simply copying and pasting the following image URL into an Image widget: As the link URL for the image, please insert


1. If you receive a HUG Award©, you may nominate others who also meet the above guidelines for the award. You may nominate as many people, websites, or blogs as you want to nominate to receive the award. I do ask that, upon receipt of the award, you nominate at least one other person. The award is also not time limited, so you can nominate new people or sites you encounter in the future. Please try not to nominate those who have already received the award.

2. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CONTACTING YOUR NOMINEESand telling them you nominated them for the HUG Award©. AND when you contact them…

3. Please link this page: When you contact your nominees for the award, please include a link to this page,, so they will have the same information you received about the award. Then, they also can perpetuate the award by nominating others. AND…

4. Please post a comment on this page at with the name and the complete website or blog address of the site(s) or person(s) you nominate.

5. If you know, I would appreciate you informing me of the geographical location of your nominee(s) and /or their site(s).

6. Social Media Sites: You may also copy and paste unchanged copies of the original HUG Award© and HUG Award© Guidelines’ wording to other social media sites such as Facebook and Linkedin. You may also print original copies for your personal use for display, etc.

7. You may print a copy of the HUG Award© Guidelines for people you nominate, who do not have a website, blog, or social media account to which they can paste award and Guidelines. If they have email, you may email them a copy of the original HUG Award© and original Hug Award© Guidelines.

by Connie Wayne

PLEASE NOTE: You should send this post or a link to this post to all those younominate to receive the HUG Award.

Please do not change or use another image for the HUG Award Image©. Please do not alter–by changing, shortening, or adding to–the text about the award and how to share it with others. Either copy the entire article as it is on this page, or please include a link back to this article, when you post on your blog or share award with others.

I ask you to please honor this request and help me keep the integrity of the award as originally designed, so that future award recipients will know what an honor it is to receive this award. Thank you, Connie Wayne

Thank you for your help sharing HUGs (HUG Awards©) with the people of the world.

Be well,

motivation is the wolf at the door….

After a full year ~ yesterday; searching for suitable employment, I have come to the decision ( actually I have been toying with this for some time now)to pave my own way. It is time to create a job and start to do it, make myself indispensible for said job, and then I will inevitably start to get paid for that job. This is essentially how my last term of employment began, with no job description…I found their plan, only after 18 months into it…and still managed to make it a viable success(but that is another story all together and not one one worth revisiting).

What I’m getting at, is if you have a passion, a place you want to get to, something you want to learn, then make a sacrifice or two, it’ll pay off in the end if you’re persistent… for me it is all about getting out of my own way. It is time to listen to my heart…and letting go of fear. Fear is the only thing holding me back. Funny thing, fear ~ it’s imagined. Nothing bad has ever happened just going for something I wanted to do. It’s when I pretend I don’t want something, burying it as only I can, the unfortunate situations form…I end up doing something that doesn’t align with my values, and then I begin again the search to find something else.

I tell myself, all it takes is hard work and a lot of heart. I can do this.
It is in my nature to continually juggle many things, it seems I must have a number of balls in the air at one time to maintain my attention. I enjoy many different things: photography, writing, illustration(watercolors),research, knitting, felting, working on my spinning skills…and gardening, baking and other creative endeavors. I care for and nurture many animals, so I know precisely w.hat the farm needs to sustain its self… A farm store/studio should fit the bill, don’t you agree? A collaborative community effort to some extent. Sell Local,Buy Local.

I’m not a big fan of should. I’ve always been one of those people who asked “why”. If someone told me I had to do something, and I thought it was foolish, I’d tell them so. At 50 years old, many folks would tell me, and they have, what I should be doing, and starting a new venture was not one of them. I have never been conventional, so I figure; why start now! Tomorrow will come no matter what I am doing…what that looks like is up to me.

But no matter what I’m doing, I try to bring beauty to what ever I do and to whom ever I meet.

Some zing for spring:

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Follow your bliss, what does that mean for you?
Be well,Jess

Once Upon a Time, there was a tiny little cottage~that wanted to be a Farm

Dreaming up the happy ending… after all, some of its bones were made of trees (actual tree trunks).
Originally built in 1840, with balloon construction technique; a style of wood-house building that uses long, vertical studs for the exterior walls. These long “studs” extend uninterrupted, from the sill on top of the foundation, all the way up to the roof. It first came into use, well before the mid-nineteenth century, there certainly are many, many balloon-framed structures, between 75 and 175 years old, that haven’t floated away.( not very funny, huh?) Most balloon framed buildings were rather plain and simple. The original structure of our little cottage was a mere 800 square, only feet 18 feet wide. The family that lived here for the previous 50 years before us, raised 6 children here. The only addition they made was a small attached kitchen structure. We found out as we were re-modeling; the timbers for that portion of the house were tree trunks. We figure it must have been an old wood shed attached to the house for convenience in the winter months.

Although the tiny quarters posed many space and storage challenges, it has a very charming and warm feel to it. It was home. The pastures were perfect for llamas; though many outbuildings needed to be constructed and fences built. We installed a very inexpensive fence, as it had to go up rather quickly and with little money as we had so much reno work inside the house. Permanent and safer fencing is our next big project, but that is another story all together[ and a previous post]. We lived out behind the house in our 28′ travel trailer for the first spring and summer we were here; mind you there were still 5 of us living here, with a dog and a cat to boot. I remember, as summer of that year was coming to a close; my youngest daughter had a fair (and llama show) to attend. The usual course of events would have been to pack the camper with needed items, trailer the animals and head to the fair for the week….not this particular time, you see we were still “technically living in it”, so as it was, we packed up our home and went to the fair. How’s that for classy living? Long about the end of October we were finally installing the last wall of the addition, (Howie and I did the entire reno ourselves, with found items, recycled and reused materials). After relocating a stairway, bathroom , laundry room and building 2 new bedrooms ~the sky spitting snow, finally we could move into the house! It has been a long road, we still have projects to finish…
the cabinets(handmade by a local cabinet maker long,long ago) that I refinished, going on 6 six years ago are in need of touch ups, the living room was painted again this past month, old barn flooring was used for the stairs, and barn boards now cozy up a wall(all salvaged from a 200 year old barn, last summer…again a different post)…The “scenery” I change often…curtains, pillows, and re-arranged furnishings character-etched, and well loved, relaxed and worry free, we live here…and so do our-much too large -dogs. And that is just how I like it.

The outbuildings are a coming along…

So hey come let’s look around…a walk through the seasons, dismantled barns, [in no particular order] at Misty Maples: 52 weeks, 52 pictures…oops

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Be well. Enjoy your day. We are having extraordinary weather here in upstate NY near 60!