By the Light of the Silvery Moon

A friend commented on yesterday’s blog that art sometimes brings music to her thoughts. I smiled a little bit, “cuz as I was downloading these photos, Doris Day started singing, well sort of, I started singing, hoping to sound like Doris.


I thought I sounded wonderful; Diesel started howling, Lexi hid in the bathroom, and Finnegan covered his head.

Richard just asked to be picked up, he thought I must have been in pain or something, I guess.


Here are some of the lyrics in case you want to sing along.


By the light of the silvery moon

I want to spoon

To my honey, I croon love’s tune

Honey moon, keep a-shinin’ in June

Your silvery beams will bring love’s dreams

We’ll be cuddling’ soon (my favorite part)


By the light of the moon.


By the light, not the dark, but the light

Of the silvery moon, not the sun but the moon

I wanna spoon, not croon, but spoon

to my honey I’ll croon love’s tune

Honeymoon, honeymoon, honeymoon

Keep a-shinin’ in June

Your silvery beam will bring love’s dreams

We’ll be cuddling’ soon

By the silvery moon


To be quite honest I only knew about a sentence and a half…I was delighted to hear the cuddling’ part.


Now, back to work I must go; the kale is gathered chopped and frozen, the last of the peas are shucked and frozen, the garden is weeded, a painting is nearly completed, finishing up some of my new obsession, strawberry honey preserves.  I’ll share the recipe with you here: strawberry yumminess.

Be well,



I love the sea, I love a rural landscape. I love quaint village charm.



Martha’s Vineyard is sprinkled lavishly with the irresistable allure of its seafaring past, interwoven with farmsteads, artists, and unpretentious beauty.

pickets and roses

pickets and roses

This island is not trying to be anything more than it is; leaving aside the germane need tourists may have for t-shirts, arcades, and the stipulation to be regaled, this, this island is honest.


The roads (other than the main highways) are  dirt, rutted, and furrowed.



The fishermen have this north-east island life hardships etched into their face, divulging her secret struggles, with the weather, with time, and changing earth.

Vinyard Haven Harbor

Vinyard Haven Harbor

Verdant farms dot the mid-island landscape. Farmer stands, and markets offer a seasonal supply of freshness. Sustainability and a natural approach to life and farming are central.

Lake Tashmoo

Lake Tashmoo

Days are slow, they are meant to be. Savor the fresh salty air, the warm ocean breeze. Take a moment, simply feel the suns gentle rays.

I think they're done.

I think they’re done.

Stand on her cliffs and wonder.

Gay Head Cliffs

Gay Head Cliffs

Imagine winter’s lonely nights as light keeper.

Edgartown Light

Edgartown Light

Be stirred by the wonder of spring’s arrival.



Contemplate memories of childhood, of sandcastles, starfish, and shells.

Oak Bluffs

Oak Bluffs

It is a place bursting with sustenance for the soul.

J & J

J & J

But, home,well home is where I thrive, the hills, the green fields, pastoral scenes, the barns, and the people.

All it takes to appreciate what you have is to be without it for awhile.

Hope you are well,


How can you resist…?

I know I could never resist an offer to spend some time by the sea, so when my husband suggested an impromptu weekend away ~ I ran, dusted off my suitcase and headed to the car…”Maine or Bust” written on my forehead.
Oh, how I love the rocky shore..enchanting and foreboding all at once.
I could sit for hours just listening to the waves splash against the rocks; letting the salty air seep into my soul…just me and my thoughts. The sun warm on my face; enticing me to stay a little longer.

After rejuvenating on the beach, we took a stroll along the Marginal Way, a pathway constructed along a seawall from Ogunquit Beach to Perkins Cove, always a feast for the senses; beautiful flowers gardens,beach homes, rocky out-croppings, tree shaded benches to enjoy the view, and the anticipation of a mouth watering ice cream in the Cove…

We spent the afternoon carrying on about our dream of having a summer cottage, what it would be like,how we would design and decorate the interior, and gardens we would plant.
We dreamt ~ out loud ~ of our children and their children and our collective days spent by the sea.

Ocean breezes a welcome pick-me-up; a respite from the hot, humid weather we have had this summer…the sea shore is truly a treasure, brings me back to a slower, simpler time…natural beauty of the Sea…if you haven’t been in a while, or at all, this is the summer to enjoy its beauty and simplicity.

How about you? Do you enjoy days by the sea, lake…or perhaps a mountain top?

I will always enjoy the memories of lounging in a beach chair, sand between my toes; is there anything like a day by the sea? ( I do love my swing under the big maple on our farm…)
Be Well,