I’m bringing in some back up…in search of the elusive “perfect” gift.

I am, still in search of my husband’s Christmas gift…today I am going to brave the crowds and head to a Mall..Ah shopping we will go….oh geeze. The very idea sends shiver up my spine…now, don’t get me wrong; I love to shop! I just don’t enjoy hand to hand combat. A time when shopping is a mission and manners are optional. I will however enjoy a Latte or 2, maybe a celebratory cinnamon bun…a manicure, a pedicure…I kid, I kid (at least about the latter two indulgences).
I’m not doing this alone, and you can’t make me…I am bring in the heavy hitters…my shop-a-holic offspring! Yes, they know how to spend, where to spend, and how to dress whilst doing it..I have been hemorrhaging $$$ for years as proof.

There is mall shopping and then there is SHOPPING, next weekend, we head to The Big Apple for our annual shopping trip, this is a no pressure, “it’s not just about buying” trip…Nothing beats Christmas shopping in New York; it comes down to the entire holiday spirit in the air. SoHo area is the place we will be.. it is packed with niche apparel shops, unique vintage stuff, honestly, it’s just cool. Over to Little Italy for lunch…then uptown to take in all of the decorated store fronts, ending at Rockefeller Center. Now, there is a shopping trip I look forward to!

Ah well, ‘tis the season.

Alright, focus…I can do this!

I am going no where dressed like this!

Julianne and Mr. Naldo ~ in deep contemplation..." What is the perfect gift, what would he like"?

Hmmm...Julianne and Jennifer, wondering...where would we go to search for this perfect gift?

Why..that way....of course!

Maybe if I look through here...I can see more clearly...

Okay Mom we are ready to begin this quest...

Dear Santa, I have been good most of the year…please help me survive!
Thank you, that is all.

8 thoughts on “I’m bringing in some back up…in search of the elusive “perfect” gift.

  1. I hope you find the perfect gift, but hey, it will be perfect because it will have come from you… anyway, that is what I always tell my husband, “A gift from me is always just what you want, right honey!”


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