No action shots here folks, we’re waiting it out.





I guess, there really is no sense in complaining, we are all in the same boat. The weather has the upper hand. Mother nature must be hung up somewhere else and forgot we are stuck in winter. It’s like an old record that skips, the tune moves ahead just bit only to be bounced to where it began.


So we sit and we wait, we prepare, we hope. DSC_6092


We take advantage, although somewhat reluctantly, of the quiet days. Soon the pace will pick up. They’ll be gardens to till and beds to prepare. The peas are ready to go in, along with the spinach, chard and other hearty greens.DSC_6102


There will be goats and llamas to be sheared. Barns to be spring cleaned.  The chickens will pick up their pace. I miss their eggs.DSC_6084


The grapes could use some love; with all that has been going on in the past years they have been sorely neglected. I am excited to be planting more this spring, along with more blueberry bushes.DSC_6108

We all need things to look forward to, don’t we. Human nature certainly. How sad must it be to have no hope, or faith in the future. DSC_6110


I keep telling myself to be patient, enjoy the here and now; rest while you can. There will be busier days ahead.

I am restless, I suppose everyone is at this time of the year [in the North East of USA].DSC_6122


Yes, Lexi, they’ll be time to play. But today we wait and plan, plot, and prepare.


Richard the Yorkishire Terrier/Papillon mix (2 yrs)

Diezel the Treeing Walker Hound (3mos)

Finnegan the Bernese Mountain Dog/Poodle aka Bernedoodle (7yrs)

Lexi the Black Labrador Retriever (6yrs)

Enjoy the wait.

Be well,



It’s almost March…It’s almost warmish (almost)

Although the shortest of days have gone by and whatever nastiness of weather we have before us; the month of February passes.


March is near, and each day we ebb out a few more cherished moments of sunlight.

Minute by minute, the days lengthen out, almost imperceptible, even as the growth of a child. All at once the moment comes as if by epiphany; we notice we are out of doors in twilight for another quarter of a precious hour.


The air is still bitingly cold.

The sun shines strong enough to cause icicles to drip, that is hope.


My fingers ache to dig in the garden’s soil. To feel the warmth of the sun’s rays on my neck.

I think I will spend some time today sorting and gathering seeds saved, seeds bought, clay potting pots, and all of the thingamajigs, and whatchamacallits a gardening crazy girl could wish for.

I wonder how many seedlings will survive a Walker Hound 3 month old pup? Maybe I should hold off on that.


Be well,


The “Constant” Factor.

My constant companions…comfort and warmth at my feet.

Whenever I come within 100 feet of a puppy, I just can’t help myself. I gush, and smoosh, and snuggle like I’ve never seen such cuteness before. Puppy breathe, it smells like…well, it smells like hope!

One of my Pups (now 3); she looks older than her years..We had a dog named Seamus, who took care (literally) of Finnegan and Lexi when they were pups, he groomed them, let them snuggle into his big fluffy tail. Finnegan, when he was a tiny (use that term loosely when you speak of a 130 lb dog) pup, pulled almost every last hair out of Seamus’ beautiful tail; he preened and preened that tail as he fell asleep; Seamus never budged.

Seamus died at 5 years old from complications associated with Epilepsy. He had over 20 seizures in one weekend; his heart couldn’t take it. When He passed; Lexi’s muzzled turned gray within a week.

Seamus with Finnegan…

Seamus with Finn as a pup…he was always so gentle and patient with all the pups



Lexi might have the Monday blues…or she thinks I might want her pillow?

I have found that when you are deeply troubled, there are things you get from the silent, devoted companionship of a dog that you can get from no other source


This was our boy Seamus…dearly missed.

Lexi Lou..

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

Be well,

Lessons learned…you little baby face

Did you ever just sit and watch a young animal or child interact with the world around them ~ going about their day unguarded by self imposed restraint? Restraint and self control will come; but now is the time to test limits. We had a young cria, Foncie; who tested every thing and everyone in the pasture with him…at times he would come into the barn for the evening..with whole side of his head covered with spit(this is how llamas establish and maintain a pecking order and acceptable llama behavior), he was always pushing the envelope, putting his nose where it didn’t belong.

Frankie, the visiting pup, from a few blogs ago..he is still testing his limits with Lexi..and in no uncertain terms, she lets him know…”My butt is my butt ~ not yours to sniff, this is my Mom and my ball, everything else is ok…you can even have my food”! They establish their own limits for young ones, to make life peaceful.
Andy, (our orphaned llama) lost his Mom early, lots of things he would have learned from her have to be learned from others, haphazardly ~ it seems. He is finding his own limits, different limits, with various members of the herd, there are some who will tolerate more from him, because of his circumstances, KatDoll even let him attempt to nurse, even though she is a maiden, and this behavior is almost never tolerated; He then pushed the envelope, tried to nurse from Shangrala, the herd’s Alpha..this didn’t go as he had planned, not only did he get a stern spitting, he got a bit of run down. Mind you, he will never make that mistake gain..lesson learned. Others are more gentle with the discipline..Penelope simply nudges him away…he then runs back to KatDoll or Breezy for what he thinks may be protection. He sleeps between Breezy and KatDoll at is very, very sweet. Always the same nightly configuration…KatDoll, Andy, Breezy, then her Mom…Shangrala. Shangrala, is not the eldest, not the largest, not the flashiest llama, she is the boss, none the less, and that is hard work to maintain…just ask her. Princess is always challenging her, always ending the same way, Shangrala positions herself perpendicularly to princess head held in a very up right – chin pointed to the sky fashion…and it is over; Princess accepts defeat for now. You see, llamas do not like physical conflicts, therefore, it is usually all about spit and posturing (body language). If it does become physical …watch out! You have never heard such a sound…this is usually left to the boys. I am fascinated by their familial characteristics on a daily basis…with out fail.
Perhaps, we as parents could learn a thing or two… about establishing boundaries.

Some faces of youth…

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Be well,

I am a sucker for a cute face…or Frank’s adventures with Lexi and Finn

I love puppies, who could resist such a face? Frank is not mine; he is just visiting. We are having a relaxing day on the farm.

I thought I’d share a day in the life of a pup (with Finnegan and Lexi, who are remarkably gentle for 100= lb. dogs)

Ready? Okay…

meet Frank


headin' out to play...

Plat time with the big dogs


Lexi's stick...

Frankie's stick????

nah...this is Frankie's stick...

Hey, look what I caught?

Relaxing with the big dogs..

nom, nom, nom....

but, I might miss something...

I am soo tired....

maybe here....

yup...right hereeee!

I hope you enjoyed our sweet little romp around the farm yard.
Be Well