New Furry Babes and One of Cast Iron.

With the arrival of warm weather brings with it fluffy babes of gold.

babes 2


Buff Orpington chicks.  They are so sweet and docile, and after our experience with Mr. Nasty, ( one time he jumped up, thrust his feet forward – right into my husband’s…yup. Right there.)

So, I did a bit of research; I wanted a more docile friendly breed. I thinks these will do just fine.

We were also lucky enough to add this beautiful girl to our pasture.



She is a half sister to Our Phantom of the Opera; a  big boned, heavenly fine, lustrous fiber. Delicious. Would you just look at that face. ( Go ahead, I’ll wait.)

Last fall she had a haircut, a full body haircut. I can’t wait to see her fiber when it has grown out a bit more. (insert little girl squeal here).


When I put her in the pasture with the other girls it was clear I’d need to move the Angora goats girls to another pasture; she had no clue what they were and she was not eager to be friends.


So, they ate my dress. Well, not all of it, just a nibble; but it was an ancient cotton dress and tore easily. I was a little embarrassed to be walking about the pasture with my bottom wobbling in plain daylight. They didn’t care, they gave a look back, stuck out their tongues and walked away.

Do you think that could be a goats version of pants-ing someone? Let’s move on. No need to give them much attention for bad moves.


We get a little giddy around here when new animals arrive, but I have to say I was over the moon with this arrival.  A vintage 1970’s era, cast iron, work horse of a tiller.


Troy built. Please dry out this week, garden, please. I wanna till.


Isn’t she lovely.

Be well,


Butterflies and Ruby

Why do I associate Ruby with butterflies? I’m not real sure, to be honest.


It may be that at the time she was born my beautiful niece Courtney was terribly ill. Butterflies and babies are hope. Oh, and she was a marvelous baby, with a sweet, spunky demeanor. A face you immediately fall in love with.


I tend, as you do, to find beauty in things I love. Photographing these things is only natural; capturing the simple things in our lives, where we go and where we’ve been.

DSC_3864(Ruby loving on a friend.)

It may be that butterflies are a lesson of letting go, their beauty is only with us for a short time. As was our beautiful Courtney. Her beauty, deep within, touching every facet of our lives. She became our glue. She kept our hearts close, our spirits yearning for one more minute.


Courtney, with butterfly’s wings will fly gracefully and beautifully; a gentle dance on the breeze, from flower to flower.


“I like living, I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.” ~ Agatha Christie


Be well,


Blue and Gold

While I am not sad to see it go, (hopefully, it will go) snow does have its own beauty.


The setting sun casts its long shadows across the crystalline field. I suppose we should appreciate these views, for mud season will soon be upon us.


I think the animals can sense a change is near. Supper time now can happen in the light and my hands and feet are not quite frozen when the last one is watered and fed. I hope that we have seen the last of the negative temperatures, though morning before last was -17 at morning feed time.


Revie, needs a good spring cleaning! I took her warming jacket off as its going to be in the high 30’s and 40’s this week. I haven’t seen her undressed since December.


Revie’s Mom, never far from her first cria.
Looking at these photos, I get a bit excited thinking of shows and fairs.
Last year, we took KatDoll to a large national show in Iowa. A long haul for us; we live in Upstate New York. KatDoll seemed off, we thought it was just the trip. She hardly ever kushed (lied down) during the long the trailer ride, which was half way across the country. Weird right. She did ok at the fair, but she really wasn’t herself. We planned to board her at a friends farm, after the fair; to breed with her beautiful male. Off she went for her intimate vacation.

We were expecting a May baby of this year (2015).

I really never gave it much more thought; until one morning before opening the shop, I went to the barn to collect eggs and to grain the animals. I looked though the open window at the girls. Looked back to the task at hand… suddenly it hit me. There is a baby in there! What? How can this be? The cria was standing almost under her Mom, so I knew whose baby it was instantly. I ran wildly back into the shop to tell Jenn. I think she thought I had finally lost it.


A beautiful, baby she was. A young male had been precocious enough to set up a secret rendezvous. We knew who the cheeky suitor was. Though he wasn’t telling. Long story short; the reason KatDoll wasn’t herself, at the show was readily apparent; we had unknowingly trailered a her at 9 months pregnant half way across the country. Uggh. How awful. Luckily all was well.


Be well, Enjoy the day.

Pint Sized Gardening.

I was asked a few days back for ideas around children’s gardens and gardening with children. Do reserve a space for “their” garden, do they help with small parts of the whole shebang, or do they have specific tasks? time to pull

My children helped with the whole thing. they helped start the seeds, they helped plant; well until they got tired. or hot, or thirsty, or hungry, or a butterfly fluttered past. You get the way things worked, right?

downMy eldest daughter adored sunflowers, many were planted at our home and in her Poppa’s garden. She could not wait to pose for a picture with the humongous flowers towering over her diminutive, but oh so coordinated person. She was all of about 26 pounds upon entering kindergarten. Tiny but make no mistake – there is not a person or thing she was afraid of and she had a patented mad-walk to prove it.I think she could have registered that, holeh.

Justin loved the berries, luckily they grew wild, I could never have planted enough for him. WHen we went pay per pound berry picking at a nearby field, I always thought they should weigh him as he entered and disregard the basket he carried. The blue smile and belly clutching upon exiting was a tell tale sign.

garden carrots Jenn’s favorite was carrots, and we rarely had a carrot grow to maturity, she checked them so often to see if they were ready for her soup creations. These soups [and keep in mind at this point in time she was 4 – 5 years of age], contained any number of things, though not very much of anything, an underdeveloped string bean, a carrot the size of a pen cap, a few peas, some water, and maybe some lettuce. I always was granted a taste. You can only imagine the look of guarded enthusiasm as I partook of this culinary delight.

I think my point here is ,isn’t every garden a child’s garden if we let it be. If we let go of the controls for a bit, let them dig in, as little or as much as they wish. No your rows won’t be as straight, your harvest may not be the envy of the neighborhood; heck you may have tomatoes in your squash! Sometimes I stressed more than now I think prudent..with age comes wisdom so they say. I will be planting many raised beds her at the PIcasso’s , and I am yearning for those eager little hands to help. Childhood passes so quickly,but, I don’t wanna grow up!

We did have some child-like structures in our gardens over the years, like sunflower forts, pole bean tee-pees, and plants to attract butterflies, there was one year this was particularly important. 097
Fairy gardens would be fun for little ones to create, I think. Or brightly painted tires, filled with salad or salsa fix ins; easy to weed and fun to do!


I am eager to start spring specials, put the soup pots up to rest; fill our plates with spring’s fresh bright culinary delights. Peas anyone?

Sweet Awards, babies, and pups?


There may be nothing sweeter than a happy baby with a happy dog…

Lexi, (the pup) thought Derek (the baby) was something…she brought him a frisbee, thinking he may want to throw it for her.

Frisbee throwing didn’t work, maybe he can throw this tennis ball for me…such a funny dog…she doesn’t know about babies.

Faith you are mighty SWEET yourself. Fellow bloggers, visitors, and passers-by…if you have not already visited Faith you really, really should this girl has passion, passion for life, and passion for in her Faith. A true passion, the kind that rubs off on you like your 3 year old’s sunscreen, you want to be near, to be near, is to be touched.

1. Give credit to the person who chose to nominate you.
2. Answer the “Super Sweet” questions.
3. Nominate a “Baker’s Dozen (13) blogs.

“Super Sweet” Questions:
1. Cookies or Cake?
Cookies, Oatmeal raisin, please…all soft and chewy.

2. Chocolate or Vanilla?
hmm, hard to say: vanilla if it is soft serve ice cream
chocolate if it is the hot fudge on top!

3. What is your favorite sweet treat?
Warm apple pie with cinnamon sugar crust …nom, nom, nom.

4. When do you crave sweet things the most?
In the morning, after breakfast
in the afternoon
for dessert
anytime…yeah, I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?
My Grampa used to call me Mountain Goat (that’s not really very sweet, unless you are a Mountain Goat)
I was a bit active though, so it kinda fit me..Oh, back to the question: can I phone a friend?

A Baker’s Dozen of ”Sweet” Nominees:
1. I know, Iknow, I nominate her for everything..but, all you have to do is read today’s blog to see for yorself how sweet she is; Celi saving frogs even. I don’t much care for slippery -slimies much …we have an understanding.
2. Oh, I think will be very proud of this nomination, most men are you know? Don’t let the macho images fool you…he is a sweet sensitive guy, I think- of course I am very far away…:)
3. Just so you know I probably not going to bet to all 13 nominations, I’m just not (it’s a time thing)
I have just begun to follow Leaane, her photos are gorgeous and she is, yes..sweet.
4. Another new to me blog, this sweet check out this girl’s apple pickin’ adventures… pics are way too sweet.
5. Carolyn, Australia’s sweetest blogger, I always look forward to her musings as well as her heartfelt comments. I am thankful to “know” her!
6…..anyone else who has ever made me or anyone else smile (I think that oughta cover it, don’t you)?

PS so many corrections this morning- yikes!

Be well, stay sweet!


I saw God riding a bike today!

I just had to share a little story with you this morning.

My neighbor ( you may have seen him in photos through out my blog) attends Sunday Mass with his Grammy. As they were leaving the service one Sunday Morning, being one of the last to leave, Father Tom jokingly quipped, “Hey, “Grammy” you have me blocked in ~ you know I like to head outta here as fast as possible”.

As “Grammy” buckled Andrew into his car seat , he was quietly thinking. “Grammy” settled herself into the car, buckled her belt, started the engine, as Andrew began to talk…”Hey, ‘Grammy’, was that God?”
With a warm smile and (silent giggles), Grammy answered; “No, Andrew, that’s Father Tom, he runs the church”.
“Oh” was all he said in reply.

Later in the week, Grammy was asked to gather Andrew from his babysitter. The two chatted for a few moments before announcing, “Hey, Grammy, I saw God riding his bike today!”

Aah, Andrew! I am blessed to know you.

Be well,