motivation is the wolf at the door….

After a full year ~ yesterday; searching for suitable employment, I have come to the decision ( actually I have been toying with this for some time now)to pave my own way. It is time to create a job and start to do it, make myself indispensible for said job, and then I will inevitably start to get paid for that job. This is essentially how my last term of employment began, with no job description…I found their plan, only after 18 months into it…and still managed to make it a viable success(but that is another story all together and not one one worth revisiting).

What I’m getting at, is if you have a passion, a place you want to get to, something you want to learn, then make a sacrifice or two, it’ll pay off in the end if you’re persistent… for me it is all about getting out of my own way. It is time to listen to my heart…and letting go of fear. Fear is the only thing holding me back. Funny thing, fear ~ it’s imagined. Nothing bad has ever happened just going for something I wanted to do. It’s when I pretend I don’t want something, burying it as only I can, the unfortunate situations form…I end up doing something that doesn’t align with my values, and then I begin again the search to find something else.

I tell myself, all it takes is hard work and a lot of heart. I can do this.
It is in my nature to continually juggle many things, it seems I must have a number of balls in the air at one time to maintain my attention. I enjoy many different things: photography, writing, illustration(watercolors),research, knitting, felting, working on my spinning skills…and gardening, baking and other creative endeavors. I care for and nurture many animals, so I know precisely w.hat the farm needs to sustain its self… A farm store/studio should fit the bill, don’t you agree? A collaborative community effort to some extent. Sell Local,Buy Local.

I’m not a big fan of should. I’ve always been one of those people who asked “why”. If someone told me I had to do something, and I thought it was foolish, I’d tell them so. At 50 years old, many folks would tell me, and they have, what I should be doing, and starting a new venture was not one of them. I have never been conventional, so I figure; why start now! Tomorrow will come no matter what I am doing…what that looks like is up to me.

But no matter what I’m doing, I try to bring beauty to what ever I do and to whom ever I meet.

Some zing for spring:

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Follow your bliss, what does that mean for you?
Be well,Jess

22 thoughts on “motivation is the wolf at the door….

  1. Thanks so much for this post. I’m a true believer that God puts things in your way, at least he does for me. He communicates with me through signs and I have noticed that. Reading this made me realize some things I have been brain storming lately. It has been a bit tough having my business yet this has been my dream all the time. I worry about bills, rent, etc and at the end it all works! I’m in a point right now that so much is happening but your post made me stop and think. Thank you so much.. Laz


  2. Oooooooh . . . so exciting! It is a very had decision to make, but never lose hope in your dreams! Keep that dream carefully tucked away in your heart, guiding you always and you will no doubt find that happy work you yearn for! Good luck to you my friend! (and you’ve totally inspired me to follow mine!)


  3. that’s kinda what i’m doing, semi-retired so i can write full time. novel in second revision now with some fact finding to get details right.

    good luck to us both.


      • I suppose there is no easy answer to that question; I enjoy historical fiction, biographies, any James Herriot book, (actually any animal story at all), political history, I just finished a book called, Little Bee and loved that. I don’t usually go for suspense, sci-fi, or any gore at all…not much on violence…you see, even Little House on the Prairie makes me cry. Sad, but true. Not big on cheap love stories either, you know the kind. My favorite book ever is All Creatures great and Small, hands down, I have read it so many, many times…that probably comes as no surprise though.:)

        What do you write?


      • of the four books that i have finished (but am about a month away from seeking an agent) three of them involve paranormal situations.

        the one i’m about to finish is about two people who die in a place crash, never met before, but both avoid going “into the light” that would take them to an afterlife. they have a compulsion to stay on earth, a drive, like the “unfinished business” we hear that departed spirits have. what these two strangers don’t yet know is that their unfinished business is connected to each other.

        another is about a teenage girl who is murdered, but the wrong person is in jail and on death row. she has to find someone who she can get to believe her, and then guide them to find the evidence to convict the real murderer.

        another is about a man who has nothing go right in his life and has a plan to travel across the country, go into the arizona desert, and commit suicide. but along the way he meets a woman and a child who make him consider changing his mind about suicide and living, but he also runs into some drug dealers who might make up his mind for him.


      • The plane crash survivors sounds interesting, I just read one of your short stories Jones. really good, I intended to just get a feel for your writings, then ended up reading the whole story 🙂


      • aww that’s sweet. ya know, i’ve been writing for 20 years off and on, and it wasn’t until about 6 months ago when i realized how many of my stories involved someone who is “ghostly.” and what’s even funnier is that i’m soooo skeptical when it comes to people with ghost/spirit/afterlife stories and contacting the dead. hmmm. i got issues! thanks again.


  4. You bet! I always tell my kids to stay on their path. “What path?” they ask me. I answer them. That is for you to know and learn as you go. When you know what it is, it will feel right. Follow what’s in your heart and THEN find a way to make money at it. You will never go wrong because your passion drives your actions, your actions are true and from your whole heart and mind — people stop, take notice, and then they want to pay you to show THEM how.

    Everyone’s talent is different and unique. You will totally succeed! I won’t wish you luck, ’cause that has very little to do with outcome. I wish you joy and success (in that order) in all that you do.


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