Michael with the chickens…hold on.

Michael, a young man, 12 yrs old maybe; helped my husband and I load 1500 ft of split rail fence onto our truck. Laughing and chatting of his beloved chickens all the while ~ He tell me that he raises 300 of them! All manner of breeds, exotic breeds, as well as, more common type. His favorite are his silkies; “they make good mothers”,he says. I tell him that I agree with that choice, my little silkie hen is the most broody hen I have. Right now, Lil Mum, the silkie hen is sitting on 5 eggs, only one of which is hers. Three of the eggs are duck eggs, one is a Rhode Island Red…I can’t wait to see her mother…3 ducklings, and 2 chicks, all of them following her around the farmyard. I smile at the thought, and return to carrying posts..I have a new friend to keep up with.

It was such a delight to converse with, and work beside this industrious, hard working, and caring young man. I have little doubt that he will grow to be a great man one day. To start life caring for, nurturing, and in a few instances saving animals, must instill character beyond measure. A developed work ethic enviable to most employers. The dedication to complete farm chores – before school…his parents have done good work. as has he. (geesh, finish thoughts much?) I feel blessed to have met him.

Standing looking at the pile of wood, ready to be loaded onto the truck; I thought out loud, “Gosh honey, don’t you think there is too much for one load”? Husband’s response, “No, it will be fine, trust me”. Pan in on my bewildered, somewhat panic stricken ashen face.
Here we go! We stood a few of the shorter posts as braces along the sides of truck bed. The rails and posts piled high, I think too high. I wish I had my camera with me so you could have seen this. Our farm truck is not a new truck..17 or 18 yrs old…but good and strong for its job.but, ugly. (shh, don’t tell him I said this) I felt like we belonged on the Beverly Hillbillies. Now, that we had the truck loaded, overloaded really; the drive home, was a nail biter… with every curve in the road, I held my breath, hoping the load wouldn’t shift and roll.
Me,”Don’t you think you should slow down a bit”, … “shouldn’t we just stop here, and buy some extra rope or ties”….”Shouldn’t we just stop and let these people pass”?…”Shouldn’t “….Well you get the picture. He just smiled and assured me it would be alright. I was not so sure. Driving on the NYS Thruway, and the city streets of Schenectady; if you could have seen the looks we got! My daughter lives just outside of Schenectady, in the Town of Scotia, where we had to drop a few things off to her. I encouraged my husband to venture off with Josh to a hardware store where he could buy additional tie downs. He complied. I was thankful. Oh, the things we do.

Living with this man is always an adventure.

Last night we were able to install 3 sections of new (upcycled) fence…we were excited to see how it would look. This fence is for our gardens, which would other-wise ,quickly become chicken food without protection. I will staple chicken wire inside the lower sections to deter the little munchers. The new fencing will also keep Miss Lexi from lounging in the lavender.(I hope).

All things spring.

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