Winter’s Warmth

The long days of winter are waning; well at least with every passing sunset the days are getting longer. Taming the winter doldrums can be a task here in Upstate New York; the days are grey (especially with the lack of snow this year)and long, the rain makes it dreary. Surviving this season can be as much about fostering a positive attitude and warm atmosphere as it is about donning my warm llama socks and alpaca sweaters, or absorbing the wood fires glow.

As I go about my usual afternoon farm chores, rain drops dripping from my nose, mud slurping beneath my boots. The llamas and chickens seems tired of the dampness. The ducks revel in the accumulating puddles; running a and gliding into them like like penguins plunging off a glacier into the ocean below. I reluctantly take my big pups for their morning walk around the farm, slipping and slopping my way around the pastures. The soggy llamas look on with what looks like a smirk. Finally, I can gather up my egg basket and now empty pails and bowls. We head into the warm dry kitchen, after virtually mopping the dogs, and depositing my sloppy boots and coat by the door. We are ready to settle in for the remainder of the afternoon. I think a nice hot shower first, find my favorite comfy pants. Aah, true bliss. A big kettle of soup simmering on the back burner as the bread raises on a nearby counter. Piles of warm and cozy quilts and throws lie about the living room, begging to be snuggled into while sipping my tea; even as the rain drops plink on the front porch roof creating their familiar soothing rhythm, I again dive headlong into the seed catalogs lying on the sofa table….it won’t be long now.

A selection of warmth, love and overwhelming cuteness:

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Be well,

ps…I have been too busy; I won’t be so long between posts..promise.