The outsider

As a child, I was very familiar with what being an outsider meant. I was painfully shy,and moved from place to place; time after time. Sometimes with no forewarning. I was not ever comfortable being the new girl in class. Those years, when a child’s character is shaped can prove to be enough of a struggle, even for a young girl with a sense of permanency or roots…with nothing to cling to but myself and siblings, I somehow found peace. I have always relied on my imagination, creativity, faith, and endless energy. No, I was never the popular one, there were always mean girls, (I kinda felt sorry for them after a moment or two of self pity). I was smart and caught on quickly, allowing my mind to wander and dance with the leaves swirling in the wind outside the school window. “Jessie, Jessie, Are you with us”? the teacher would inevitably have to bring me back. Oh, the places I would go, the scenes I would create. The beginning of so many dreams. A place to escape, to be me, to hope, dream, plan, a place where I belonged. I nurtured my spirit and soul this way most through out a tumultuous adolescence. As life passed, I realize now how my early formed and shaped who I am today, was it the easy road, definitely not. But, it was my road, and I embraced it. I could look back with sadness and longing for something else something more; I could look at my childhood as though I got the short end of the stick…but, then: I would not be me. I am stronger and wiser for it. I kinda like being me. I would never have experienced the joy the sadness, I would never have encountered so many different types of people, with so many ways of looking at life, some good, some not so good. The countless lives who have touched me and the countless lives whom I have touched. I feel blogging as an extension of this philosophy, if I can bring peace and beauty to one person; this to me is bliss.

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