Sharing a cup of comfort…

Do you feel it? The warmth of Christmas in the air; in your heart? It is in the chatter of children, as the excitement of gifts under the tree builds, it’s in the sweet smell of pine that fills the living room, it’s in mankind’s generosity, it’s in taste of a peppermint candy cane stirring your hot cocoa…yes, it is every where if you just take a moment to notice.

JOY 12

It’s in the faith and hope that inspires us throughout the year. It’s in the shared Joy. A shared meal. or a meal given…We were on our way to NYC to bring Courtney to an appointment at the children’s transplant center at Mount Sinai Hospital. A trip interrupted; appointment was cancelled en route. (a clerical error, I won’t go into that, let it suffice to say, I was not happy, and her Momma?…well, you can imagine) We made the best of the day, driving to Rockefeller Center to see the festive windows, Christmas tree, and happy skaters (Courtney’s favorite part of the day). We ate our lunch at the Brooklyn Diner, She ordered a hot dog, when it arrived at the table we all had a good laugh. She ate about 2 bites of it, she wasn’t feeling too well.

As we walked back to the car we passed a homeless young man with his dog, who donned a grey sweatshirt; sleeves rolled up over his paws, sitting on the side-walk, back to a tall NY, cold, stone building. As we passed, I overheard a bit of a conversation between this (boy really) and a concerned caring woman. “Have you eaten today?”, was all that I heard, I did not hear the answer. We looked at each other; Gina ( Courtney’s Mom, wondered if it would be ok to offer him Courtney’s uneaten Hotdog. We agreed, at least we could offer. Courtney and I walked over to the boy and his dog, and the girl awaiting a transplant to sustain her life; quietly handed the lonely boy her meal. She softly patted the massive dog’s head and walked back to her waiting Momma, not a word spoken; none needed.
NYC courtney

Have you felt the warmth of Christmas?

warm light

The warmth of Christmas is felt in every act of kindness. I love Christmas.

NYC creche

Be Well,

A Warm Holiday Welcome…

Having a home that welcomes friends and family is all part of the magic; a place to create warm moments where hectic stops and peace begins ~ home
The spirit and cheer the season so naturally brings…at the end of the day; it is not about how much you have spent on decorations, but more about the warmth and joy you bring to the holidays…the scent of sugar cookies baking, the sound of children giggling as they play, the sight of hot chocolate mustaches, and wet mittens drying near the stove. Our kitchen is where most folks gather, our kitchen warms the home for the holidays; (both literally and figuratively) with baked goods and family dinners, it somehow always becomes a gathering place for great conversation and lingering.

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is the chance to have family and friends over for a relaxing Christmas Eve dinner. We have fun together…besides eating and watching football. We get out the cards or board games, play touch football, go sledding or tell stories. We even have sleigh rides (in a mini-van) after dinner. (If that’s seems odd, it is and not possible to explain really, you see Jenn was 11 and driving around the farm). We combine traditions. Celebrate our family’s history. Make those treasured recipes in memory of those who aren’t there— family members volunteer to bring their favorite dish for the meal. It makes everyone feel involved, and makes for less stress. Sights, sounds, and scents of Christmas stir memories of good times, great people and fond feelings, so surround yourself with things that make you feel good. Don’t have a big family, invite friends and co-workers who might be alone for the holidays and create your own Family Celebration. If we remember it’s all about love and laughter, and helping others, we’ll all get so much more from the holidays!
Welcome Home. Enjoy some Christmas lights from our home town. I hope you enjoy them.

A warm Holiday Welcome

white house, warm glow

all the warmth of the season

A beckoning welcome

snowman snow

head down the side the beaten path

red house, drive by...on a busy street

the porch...


a friend's cute, almost as cute as she is.

Welcoming entry...

a warm glow...

neighbors share the joy

Small town Doctor, friend to all.

Town Common

From my home to yours...

My Holiday wish for you; May this Christmas be so special that you never ever feel lonely and be surrounded by loved ones throughout. May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

A month of thanksgiving ~ Day 13

November 13, 2011

Christmas Lights

I am grateful Old Man Winter hasn’t started blowin’ too much cold weather our way yet; in fact since our freakish October snow storm it has been quite mild, some might even say balmy (not if you are from a warm climate of course). It’s Just A Matter Of Time Till Old Man Winter Comes Blowing In! So, I decided to hang my outside Christmas lights; it is much easier when my fingers aren’t frozen and stiff. I can take my time and set them just the way I want shivering even (I feel Like I’m cheating a little).
Most years it usually goes a little like this:

Scenerio: I wake up in the morning ready to decorate; it’s not only frigidly cold, but snow has fallen during the night and is still coming down hard. “No problem,” I smile to (my slightly delusional) self and finish untangling the lights “ I’ll go out, tie up these lights and have the whole place pretty in a couple of hours.”

Reality: Half of the lights don’t work, the extension cord is no where to be found … my fingers (cause I can’t work in mittens) are frozen solid Popsicles with a wedding ring round the middle. I can’t feel my feet; they are buried in 2 feet of snow …the dog ran off with the last set of lights, and the snow is STILL falling and I wonder what I could have done to make this ‘enjoyable” seasonal chore more “enjoyable….grumble..brrr…grumble.

Thank you Old Man Winter for waiting ’til I hung my outdoor holiday lights! 🙂

Can you see Old Man Winter in the clouds?


Llama lights

Winter mornin'

PS ~ I don’t turn the lights on til after Thanksgiving…
Be Well,