In Winter’s Cold Shadow…There is Gold.

I find that I am not as patient as I once was; sometimes, I feel as though I am attempting to strain the mud puddle rather than patiently waiting for the mud to settle and the water to clear….Do you ever feel as though you are treading water, when you should be swimming?
Feeling over whelmed, me? “Why”, I ask myself. I know there is no easy road, no magic bullet. I am well aware the frustration I feel is of my own making. . . yet as I concentrate so much energy on my objectives, my world, …stumbling through endless lists.
I have always had lists. That can’t be it; am I just getting older and grumpier? Is this what mid-life, what 50 feels like? If it is I don’t like it one bit. Is it just the solitude that winter brings? Could it be I just need to idle my motor, wait for things to happen as they should, when they should?
Or maybe, just maybe; I like these cold, gray winter days. Days like these that let me savor a bad mood….until the afternoon sun turns it to gold.

Mercedes’ shadow cast on the barn wall.

Intent on supper…”oh, are you still there?”


Mercedes, always so graceful , never in the front, never pushy, or needing to be the first…always patient and full of grace. I want to be like her.

Andy 13

Andy, is so frail; he did not have the benefit of his mother’s milk and nutrients pat the age of 2 months. I worry about him in the cold; he is wearing 2 polar fleece vest, a goose down vest, and a rain jacket with the arms cut off, ( all zipped up across his back) to protect him from the frigid temperatures. He sleeps, always, between KatDoll and Camille…they keep him warm.
I am going to have him gelded, so that he never has to leave them.

the crew
Even the chickens head to the llama barn for warmth and protection.

The winter blues. How do you deal with this issue? Or is it not an issue for you? Where do you find your patience?

Be Well,

11 thoughts on “In Winter’s Cold Shadow…There is Gold.

  1. Mercedes, yes, we can learn a lot from observing her. Andy, how sweet & precious & how dear CatDoll & Camille are to cuddle with him on cold night. How wonderful of you to provide him with the warm vests. Too many grey sky winter days get to me too. I think we need some grey – snuggle with those you love days – so we can really appreciate the sun shiny days. How sweet your animals & even the chickens can teach us how to make the best of grey cold days & nights.


  2. I look forward to days like Tuesday and Wednesday are supposed to be – nice and warm. Even if it rains the warmth brings comfort with it to me. I am not a winter person – preferring the days of summer instead. The sunshine definately helps too! How lucky you are to have your llamas to great you – they all look so sweet, even if a bit chilled. I hope Andy is doing okay – what a beautiful face. Hope you are feeling better today. And, yes, 50 does sneak up on you and then each year after flies by – I am now approaching 56 but trying to be positive about it. Being positive – I guess that’s what helps too! And having friends like you to share with.


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