Don’t be frightened to share…our existence is not a competition.!

Bealtaine Cottage ~ 14 years of Goddess Permaculture in the West of Ireland

Honesty flower at Bealtaine Cottage Ballyfermoyle 007We can change the world.

It is simple.

We can begin today, now, by simply considering and acting wherever we can.

apple blossom at Bealtaine CottageIf… people planted fruit trees, there would be free fruit for people and by increasing the oxygen levels, the ecosystem would flourish.

edible garden at bealtaine cottag permacultureIf… we grew edible gardens instead of monoculture grass, especially in cities and towns.

Many parks could have edible gardens as leisure zones.

People would interact more with the Earth and each other.

edible container planting at bealtaine cottage permacultureIf… we begin to share our resources, really share.

Invite others to share shopping trips, food co-ops, gardens, allotments, fuel…

Don’t be frightened to share…our existence is not a competition.

Jack at bealtaine cottage IrelandIf…we nurture compassion and kindness all abundance and contentment will follow.

blackthorn blossom at bealtaine cottage permaculture gardensIf…we stop blaming our parents and society for all that is not right in our world.

Instead, take the problems, one by one and try to address them.

Blame changes nothing.

rhubarb harvest at bealtaine cottage permacultureIf…we realise…

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