A Painted Chevy, and a challenge for you…

I am sure this is exactly what Howie had in mind when thinking of his Rat Rod….(Oh, right I keep forgetting about the Rat part of that description). Well, anyway; I thought it would be great to use the truck in the new design for our [Misty Maples Farm]farm banner. What do you think?

I would like to paint something into the little trailer, only I am not sure what? After working on the painting for 6 hours yesterday; my creativity must have been spent. I thought of the folks who read this little blog, aha, moment! You should choose.
So, I leave it up to you to choose what should be in the trailer. If you would?
If I choose your idea, I will send you a dozen (yet to be designed)Christmas cards featuring the painting. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Not sure if this will be of any assistance, but, we have chickens, ducks, dogs, llamas, and soon Angora Goats here on our farm. I spin fiber, knit, and attempt to crochet the fiber.

Be well,

17 thoughts on “A Painted Chevy, and a challenge for you…

  1. I feel like hay should go in there. The muted yellowish cream color would go well with the blue, and you could have some hay shred flying off if you wanted to imply movement.


  2. I think your hinting idea about animals you have is good. How about painting each one of the animal head in a cute/friendly funny cartoon style all around the trailers? So every where you view the trailer you see some of them


  3. I think, Jess, that a truck load of animals in the back of the truck, with you and a spinning wheel in the trailer with ‘Misty Maples Farm’ on the door, would be great… There could be ‘other family members’ surrounding the truck.
    However; this all seems like a lot of work, so I’ll leave it up to you.. ha hah.
    What great fun, though….! 🙂 All the best.. 🙂


  4. I’m seeing the tree in the back of the truck and the animals in the tag-along, the family inside the cab. Of course, it might be cute to mix it up with the family in the truck bed, the animals in the cab and the tree strapped to the grill – fully lit. LOL.


  5. Ooo…loving your fall color on the blog re-do!

    How about a llama (tall), dog (medium, with ears flapping in the wind, a kid’s face (from the nose up) and arms (a hand holding a ball cap) just visible over the side of the trailer? On the way to a show? Camping? Out for a nice ride? Who knows.


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