I hope you have a giggle.

I laughed right out loud when reading this post; I hope you enjoy it too! This is something, I sooo could have done.

Pucker up! “Phantom, what will the herd think?”

Be well,

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My son played baseball from the time he was five years old right through every league and into college.  We often traveled long distances for his games and would sit outside in the wind and rain, heat and sun, or cold blustery nights.  My lips often chapped and I developed a habit of keeping chapstick in every vehicle and seat pocket to moisturize not only my lips, but the dry cracked skin around them.

You know how that is.

And once upon a time, lipbalm that came in a tube was totally colorless.  I found out about the tinted ones a little too late.

You see, my friends and family knew that I had an affinity for the stuff and generously supplied me with a variety one year at Christmas.  I added them to my stash in our well-travelled Tahoe.

Late one night after a particularly windy and cold early spring game…

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