Australia, could you please send Summer back, I need it a bit longer…

I said please. It was 48 degrees here on the farm this morning.
Am I the only one who feels like time is moving at warp speed while we are moving ever so lazily about? Not that I know what warp speed really is. But I swear, I don’t know where summer went. One minute I was planning gardens for veggies, and parties for Jenn’s High school graduation, and college prep, heading to the ocean for vacation, and pup sitting for Juli and Josh, so they could enjoy vacation without worry, enjoying County Fairs…hold the phone…did I say “Fairs” Then I suddenly it hit me – SUMMER is over.
In the North-east, all summers go quickly, but this one – this one seemed to fly by.

We had a bit of a storm a few days ago,( I love thunder storms), a storm with lots of wind(I love wind), and thunder, and lightening, and rain, sweet, blessed rain…It got very dark, poured for about 5 minutes, I think, and it was gone. No wonder the llamas weren’t paying any attention to me; I told them there was a storm coming…
 Would you just look at those clouds..

 Hanging her head…waiting for the wind, holding onto her petals…


 Cinnamon, look there is a storm coming…

Reply… “mmm- hmmm”..

 No, really, there is…Steve Caparizo said so… I heard it on the channel 10 news.


 “Chester, Rain, Syria?…look, really”….a storm

 O0h, it looks like a good one!

 Hold on to you hats…( or petals, it’s all the same)

Oh, boy…

 Are you hiding?

 Orange you glad it didn’t storm. ( well, at least not too bad) Some folks did get the storm and quite severely…hope all is well.



Be well,


8 thoughts on “Australia, could you please send Summer back, I need it a bit longer…

  1. How about a trade for our Spring?… one of the downsides, hayfever, has knocked me for six… I love your photo’s. Awesome, pumpkin – which makes me think of soup… at least soup weather is coming for you.


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