Behind every set of eyes, there is a story. Sometimes it’s a happy story, with all parts being pleasant and easy. Sometimes they are stories of perseverance, strength and sheer determination to live. The latter is what this beautiful soul represents. His life has been a struggle from the moment life initiated his birth. His Mother weakened by a hard labor succumbed to illness and passed away not quite 3 months later. He was born a survivor, determined to live. He is beautiful. He is soulful and gentle; he is Andy.

LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, Lakota (Sioux), 2002
Indian people have a different relationship with everything around them because we spent
a lot of time with the animals, not looking at them as a different entity but looking at
them as part of who we are. So if this animal got sick over there, you watched, you knew
you had to watch whatever that animal was doing, because it would affect you. If your
environment was sick your people would be sick. It was all the same, all integrated into
one. Like trees their roots grow way down into the earth and you can’t separate them.
That’s why when we lived here everything we did we had to do for future generations.

He always had love…

Be well,

14 thoughts on “Andy

  1. What a beautiful face. I also wondered if this was a tribute, that he possibly had gone the way of his mother. Thankful to read in the comments that it isn’t the case.

    The relationship of Indians with other animals, the part you write about of the Lakota? I have always felt that. Not just of fellow mammals, but of the little spineless varieties too. Connectedness in a way I can’t describe. I can see why you love Andy; his eyes are a window to his soul much as ours are.


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