Have you ever…?

Well, I have. I have seen the cutest little cottages – ever.

There is a little community in Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard; it began as a religious encampment of tents. The Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association. There are literally hundreds of wonderfully imaginative and cheerfully colored gingerbread cottages. The most extensive collection Carpenter Gothic style architecture in the world. These are truly unique Victorian “gingerbread” cottages. I can only imagine what inspired each owner to decorate and paint their cottage…each one stands out in its own way, truly unique. Being a cottage fanatic to begin with; I was totally enamored with this place.

As much as I adored the fun beautiful colors of these cottages, I can’t see living with it – day in and day out. I have always leaned more toward peaceful calming colors in our little cottage…a sea glass green Venetian plaster in the kitchen, a foggy blue in the living areas…and lots and lots of creamy white. I nice respite from the onslaught of a chaotic world. I have recently added a few touches of reclaimed barn wood, a wall in the living room, a stairway with the treads made from the old barn floors. I have designed a pantry and island incorporating the barn wood as well…now, I have to wait for my husband to have enough time to build them. Poor fella has 41 projects going at once it seems…

I hope you enjoy these cheerful little shelters as much as I did…oh, one of my lil’ front porch 🙂

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I love being home on my little farm as much as I love to travel, it’s always GREAT to be home.
How do you decorate your little corner of the world?

7 thoughts on “Have you ever…?

  1. Beautiful photos! Thank you for your many comments on my blog. I’ve Nominated you for the Commenter Award, Congratulations! You can read more about it at faithrises.com 🙂


  2. Is “Hartsease” your little front porch? I think you know that I love green!! I also enjoy the creams and calmer colors, but somehow these turn-of-the-century homes with their usual “Painted Lady” colors appeal to me also. We have several that actually survived the devastating Hurricane of 1900 which no less than wiped out our Galveston, TX.

    The Victorian gingerbread houses are also signature architecture of Frankfort, MI, the place my family likes to go for summer vaca. There was one called “The Wee House” which is only 700 sq ft boasting a beautiful backyard garden paradise (it was directly behind the house we stayed at, so we enjoyed through the windows). If it was just Scott and me, that’s where we’d stay! We’d be out back all the time enjoying the hydrangea and impatiens and wildflower garden.

    I certainly hope you plan on posting photos of your own improvement “projects” whenever you get started on them.


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