Sun dried is good for raisins….

Summer draws me outdoors, usually to my favorite place…my garden.

From the garden I can watch the llamas graze peacefully in the field, smile as the ducks waddle noisily past, or notice one of the chicks discoveries.

I live for lazy days in the garden and cozy nights; snuggled in a throw on the front porch swing of our farmhouse cottage. Our own little buffer from life’s hustle and bustle; a restful place to be… imbued with our love of nature, animals and gardening. A home we have taken special care to preserve and bring back; using salvaged materials, tag sale, and flea market finds.

This summer’s dry weather has taken a toll on my garden, yet there is still so much color and life. Some vegetables are thriving…even though pumpkins usually like wet feet…this years crop is doing quite well. The cabbage however has not started to form a head…yet, there is still hope. I even have a few bunches of grapes from this years plantings…yippee. Hopefully they ripen before becoming raisins!

Alas, gardening, like parenting requires patience, nurturing, persistence, and lots and lots of hard work to reap wonderful benefits. Grandpa always said to be successful at anything, you must have stick-to-it-iveness…guess I better pull my self up by the boot straps and get back work salvaging what I can.

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