Remember when…?

Remember when…

Remember when farm life was based on families, church, and holidays…It was the way of life for many. Work stopped on Sunday; as families came together to pray and worship. They celebrated life with Sunday dinner ~ a tradition many families carry on today. They caught up on each other’s lives, and shared news. Face to face. They saw expressions, of joy, sadness, and awe. They were there to comfort a friend, not leave a comment on a Facebook “friend’s” sad commentary. Simple joys and blessings of life. Yes, it is hard, sometimes tedious,back breaking work. Yet, this life creates self reliant and proud folks. They made do.

They celebrated the rain, the sun, the fields. They celebrated the Lord, and Church; family and dear friends. Neighbors helping neighbors. Life and daily chores seemed to have a purpose, and not just the search for the almighty dollar. The purpose was to have enough, enough food for the family and livestock, a blessing would be enough to share. Enough to live comfortably; not extravagantly…you work for what you need. And, you didn’t get what you want before you earned it. Children were not gifted everything under the sun ~ simply because they wanted it. They had to work too, this was life on a family farm, and the grist mills, the weavers, or the general store; everyone had to pull their own weight. This is indeed an overly simplified, perhaps a romanticized view; I accept that. Sometimes though, it seems to me…this world could do with a bit of simplicity. Living life within your means is hard. Ask any one trying to live a life of independent sustainability. I read about Celi’s day each morning at The Kitchen Garden¬†each morning, and I am always amazed.

Living life on a farm is still hard work, maybe harder, with prices for crops at an all-time low, and fuel costs at an all time high (and the with the hot dry summer the US of A is experiencing, it will only be tougher), but farmers will keep battling on. Tenacity, stick-to-it-iveness, stubborn will, call it what you’d like…thank goodness they have it! Farming. It is the most important industry in the country, you think about this when you get a bit hungry.

It’s a battle, but it’s life. Most love doing it and wouldn’t have it any other way.
Be well. Jess