come along with me,hurry before the sun sets…

Enjoying the beauty of Lake George in the Adirondacks for the evening.
The 4th of July. It was not the sunniest of days, but the sky and the clouds were just beautiful. The air was heavy with humidity, covering the landscape with its moist gauze. As the sun set, and we waited for the fireworks to begin the lake was tinted pink. There is quite an air of commercialism down in the Village; not my kinda scene; but for those looking for a souvenir, a tee shirt, or other kitschy item there were many shops to choose from. I prefer the serene rocky outcroppings,the old style Adirondack camps, distant mountain views,and pine covered hills.
We have hiked nearby on several occasions, you can see the lake from our Mountain top view.

View from the top.

I love to travel, to see new and different things. Yet, I am never too keen on being away from the farm for too long. A day trip sometimes fits the bill perfectly. I have some views for you….

I think I was being a little heavy handed with the photographs so I’ve inserted a slideshow…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you had an enjoyable holiday; stay cool. It’s a hot one.

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