I saw God riding a bike today!

I just had to share a little story with you this morning.

My neighbor ( you may have seen him in photos through out my blog) attends Sunday Mass with his Grammy. As they were leaving the service one Sunday Morning, being one of the last to leave, Father Tom jokingly quipped, “Hey, “Grammy” you have me blocked in ~ you know I like to head outta here as fast as possible”.

As “Grammy” buckled Andrew into his car seat , he was quietly thinking. “Grammy” settled herself into the car, buckled her belt, started the engine, as Andrew began to talk…”Hey, ‘Grammy’, was that God?”
With a warm smile and (silent giggles), Grammy answered; “No, Andrew, that’s Father Tom, he runs the church”.
“Oh” was all he said in reply.

Later in the week, Grammy was asked to gather Andrew from his babysitter. The two chatted for a few moments before announcing, “Hey, Grammy, I saw God riding his bike today!”

Aah, Andrew! I am blessed to know you.

Be well,

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