They are wild I tell ya! Wild.

I love cottage gardens (I suppose you know that by now); I love the over flowing, I could care less, throw caution to the wind spirit they evoke.

They are beautiful because they are. A bit like life really. It can be a bit messy at times, but it is always, always beautiful. After a long sometimes stressful day…there is nothing more comforting to me than to walk through the front garden gate of our cottage farm. A spray of wild roses scramble up a an ancient barbed wire fence, as berries twist their vines along side. Our cottage is cozy and chock full of flowers, herbs, and veggies; sunshine filtering through the huge maples creating a sense of insulation from chaos. It is not grand, perfect, it is our place to restore, refresh and just breathe. A sense of calm and a slower pace than some may prefer, yet I embrace the quiet, regal beauty of our llamas as they rest in the shade of the maples and oaks, captures my attention bringing me focus and contentment. I am home.

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You can’t have enough love or enough flowers – so filler up!
Be well.

3 thoughts on “They are wild I tell ya! Wild.

  1. What a lovely collection of shots, I adore cottage gardens too though Mine is lending itself towards the cottagy weed garden at the moment.. I need to spend time in there.. maybe not today though.. have a great day.. c


  2. My “cottage gardens” which were mostly tropical in nature met their demise in our freakish snow storm of 2009. What didn’t die then was most certainly killed off in 2010. I still have empty beds waiting to be planted, but last year there was no water, and this year, temps are already above 100 degrees. Egads!

    I’m enjoying the “weed” flowers and lantana (which is unkillable, I’m certain) at the moment. Any new flowers will have to wait until late September. Thankfully, I get to enjoy yours instead. 🙂


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