Wishin’ on Dandelions and Feathers

Even though I am not a child any longer, I still wish on dandelions, please remember, you must blow all of the fluffy, seedy, down into the wind with one breathe… as you wish your wish.
My how the wishes have changed, things seems so simple then…a wish for a new pair of green “Chuck Taylor’s” (sneakers), or an ice cream at the dairy bar, a kiss from a dreamy rich prince; frivolous perhaps, even flimsy some may say… but, I still believe these kind of wishes are about enjoying life’s little pleasures, don’t you think?

Finding the serendipitous white feather on your path…Did you ever hear this saying as a child? Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near. Sister Helen would tell me this as a way to console me when saddened as a child, “Your Angels leave feathers as signs of their love. When you find a feather in your path, know that your Angels are with you.” {or something like that}

What do you wish for as the fluffy dandelion seeds float away on your exhaled breath?
Or perhaps, you wish on the first star of the evening, twinkling in the darkening sky.

Dream your dreams.

7 thoughts on “Wishin’ on Dandelions and Feathers

  1. Love your new gravatar, pretty lady. We also regularly gather up dandelions and blow on them (who can’t with two girls in tow?).

    I make one wish every time. Peace on Earth for the human race (and only for humans, because without us, there would be no war, just nature).

    Feathers?? I’ve got ’em!! We collected several from the hawk family before the chicks fledged. We went actively looking for them every day. So what does that say for me? An army of angels? Sure feels like it sometimes.


  2. This is my first visit to your site, and I like it! Though I’m in Ohio now, I’ve lived in Albany, most of my school-aged years were in Syracuse, and we started our first church in Rochester. While I’m one of five kids, my dad is one of 11. So we have a few things in common, and I enjoy your perspective. I’ll be back!


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