Tragedy and Triumph

Last night certainly had its ups and downs…

My youngest sister stopped by the farm early in the evening to share  her daughter’s joy and pride.  Special Olympic Medals. Courtney was born with a chromosomal disorder.  Trisomy 10p,  about 90 percent of children do not survive , passing away before or during birth and those that do live past birth suffer serious symptoms. Most children with Trisomy 10p die in the first three months of life, and only 10 to 20 percent survive past the first year. It is extremely rare.

Courtney was beaming as she showed me her Silver and Bronze medals; won in the Special Olympic  sports of softball and running. So, to say this is a triumph is an understatement. I was so proud, we shared an ice cream to celebrate!

Later in the evening , when the farm animals are usually putting themselves to bed…(the ducks and chickens waddle and cluck their way into the small barn) I go out at dusk to be sure the barn doors are secure and all gates are closed, waters full.

Last night, started out with Mr. Nasty throwing his weight around…bullying the ducks from their beds.

The ducks retreated into the llama pasture for safety. I walked behind them encouraging them to waddle into the back barn, where there is a sleeping area with  a little exit door….Here you see Malokai thinking he should sleep in there…

Mali, you are not a chicken or a duck…

You didn’t fit, did you….?

I was satisfied they would be safe inside; I checked waters and llama gates, then headed into the house. Put on my pink flannel jammies and set about to put my feet up with a big mug of chamomile tea…

…my moment of relaxation didn’t last long…what a ruckus!  My son Justin and I ran out back  to see what in tarnation was happening!   2 ducks were near their swimming pool ~ quacking to beat the band.  Wait ~ “2” ducks?  Justin one of my ducks is gone?  Don’t panic Jessica, remain calm…too late!  JUSTIN!!!!!! MY DUCK IS MISSING!!!!

He runs to get the lantern as I try to find my way around in the dark…Jenni is just coming home…she meets Jus on the porch as he is running out back with the  light…Jenn joins in the search…

I hear the fence snapping…so I head there, “duck feathers”!..broken fence…frantic llamas!  Justin follows the trail of feathers…to the edge of the woods….”QUACK”   “Mom, she’s in here…”  “MOM!” ” She’s in here with a coyote!”  He begins hollering and yelling…the predator drops the duck…..”Mom, she’s hurt”.  “I can’t believe I was 4feet from a coyote with no gun! I can’t believe we found her!” I can’t believe she’s alive!”    “I can’t believe I was 4 feet from a coyote with NO gun!”     I hurried into the brush to gather up a bleeding and scared little duck.

Justin fixed the fence, Jenni put the other 2 chickens in the small barn…Mr. Nasty be damned, and I brought daisy into the house to clean her off and assess her injuries…a few puncture wounds and probably a bit of shock.  Becky, my neighbor and I applied an antibiotic ointment to the wounds and placed her in bed of dry straw in a dog crate with water and food. I will keep her in the house for the night.

Not too much sleep last night…with every quack my dogs jumped and so did I.  We all ran downstairs at about 2am she was making a racket…though she was in some terrible pain or something. She laid an egg.   Let’s go back to bed dogs!

I let her out as the sun was rising this morning; she found her friends, then set about searching for delicious bugs for breakfast!  I hope she recovers well, I think I will clean her again tonight.

Did I tell you my husband is away…why does everything happen when my husband is away?

Be Well,


16 thoughts on “Tragedy and Triumph

  1. I also have things happen when hubby is away – cows escape through a fence, a snake too close for comfort, floods, dingoes get a chookie. Lovely duckies – hope tonight is uneventful – Joy


  2. congrats to your lovely proud niece and what a trauma, thank goodness you were able to go and grab your duck back from the jaws of the beast. Do you think Mr Nasty could smell the coyote and was upset by it? c


  3. C. I was so proud of her! I can’t believe we were able to save her…I just can’t. I’m not sure why he was so crotchety last night; he is very protective of his I suppose he could have sensed his presence. Justin, an avid outdoorsman, told me the coyote had been waiting til it was just dark enough. So , who knows how long he was around.


  4. That story got my blood pumpin’ good, girl. So glad the duck is okay. I can’t believe you didn’t have a gun! That coyote would have certainly been toast. I was thinking the exact same thing as ceciliag about Mr. Nasty, as well as Mali (maybe she was going for shelter?).

    That Justin is a smart kid. I’m so sorry, though, you all had to go through that without Hubby. Mine’s been away too, and I know what you mean about sh*t happening when he’s away. Big hugs, Jess. Go drink some chamomile tea and get a good night’s sleep.


    • I hope nothing like that ever happens again!
      Mali would not run from a coyote; if he( coyote) had the unfortunate luck to meet a llama face to face…he would not fair well…llamas are excellent guard animals, which is one of the reasons I thought my ducks would be ok in their pasture (if only they had stayed in there). Thank you for the hug!

      Enjoy your evening; hope your husband is home soon!


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