There was a Pink Moon.

Traditionally, the April full moon is known as “the Pink Moon,” supposedly as a tribute to the grass pink or wild ground phlox, considered one of the earliest widespread flowers of the spring. For me spring is about renewal, and recommitting to dreams and goals. TO find my life’s purpose. What is your purpose? Mine is still evolving; I think.
If you can’t figure out your purpose—list three things you daydream about on slow days at work or while at a stop light?

Don’t spend your life trying to be what you are not…There are no things or powers in life that can offer you a hand to your dreams; surround yourself with great,positive people;you always can learn something from them. People and their opinions, can have the strongest affect on our lives. I believe that you become the people you hang out with. The people you associate with and share ideas with have a major influence on how you choose to act upon or not act upon your dreams. Did you ever have the sort of folks around you that say things like “Why would you want to do that”, “Why waste your time, that is foolish”; trying to down your dreams before they even begin? I used to worry what they thought, …no more.

Confidence is contagious, and so is the lack of confidence. We must believe in ourselves and our dreams ~ our purpose~ be selective of the people we choose to spend our precious time with. I always try to surround myself with positive “can do” people. Relationships are a choice. Choose passionate friends, crazy, I can do it, I will do it ~ friends. I am just crazy enough to think things can be different. Those who think something’s impossible generally don’t spend enough time around crazy people who know it can be done. That things can be better. Put all those crazy people together and suddenly everyone’s doing impossible things.

Never lose sight of your dreams … it’s totally up to you to remind yourself everyday of the rewards you will reap as you achieve your goals.

Sow it!!!…Reap it!!!!!!!
Be Well,
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