It’s Spring – Do you know where your bloomers are?

Spring is struggling to hang on here in the North East…still, I have started seeds, filled the green house. Sowed onion sets and Sweet peas. Well, and numerous other earthly undertakings…I tend to move things around a bit, both in the garden and in our home. Keeps things from feeling stale, I think. Create a warm atmosphere…even as the nest is emptying. This fall I will officially become an empty-nester..what ever that means…resonating silence in the house? …Or pride, in dreams realized, or the hope of what’s to come? New life, new challenges for us all.

Some of the class of 2012..Senior Ball; I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. These kids are awesome.

Spring and seeds of hope…

She walks to the beat of a different drummer...

looking over their shoulder...

Uhmm? Jenni?


The shoes were awesome...


The old barn boarding is up the rooms have fresh paint; all vestiges of winter’s warm wood fires removed. It is Spring.

springs warmth..

Winter’s damp, somber chill is ebbing into warm, soothing breezes…finches and blue bird’s songs fill the morning air; trees and flowers are budding with a promise of color and summer shade. Planning and working on our gardens at this time of the year is much about hope; hope for life.


I’m feeling oh-so silly,I’m all in a muddle.
Can it be spring fever..that put my feet in this puddle?

duck eggs waiting to be beautified...all blown out and ready to go

Now what am I going to do first?

Easter blessings, Enjoy.

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