nothing stays still for long..

Spring is here; it is officially the first day of Spring! we have been very busy here, tilling, planting early spring veggies, starting later season crops,herd health activities (wormings and such)… and the list goes on.
I always have plenty of help and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
Here Andrew is thinking and then asking: “Jessica, what do you want to do now?”

We set out to follow a bee busily collecting pollen.

As we were very near the girl’s pasture,they wanted to know what we were doing…

From there; because a 4 year old will be a 4 year old, we filled a little pool for the ducks (yup, it was that warm, in NY in March).

As the afternoon progressed, we watched as Howie tilled up the garden, as only he can…

Tie up the stakes…they need to support our peas. Thank you.

My youngest sister, my personal Master Gardener, helps me set the onions, and wrestle chickens, that’s another story…

After a long, warm beautiful day…

Have you begun spring chores? Do you have any traditional spring rites?
Enjoy this glorious day, it is supposed to be near 80 here!
Be Well,

25 thoughts on “nothing stays still for long..

  1. I can so easily see what you names your blog “A Winsome Journey”. it really is winsome, and the pictures were a journey of sorts. You handle yourself well with a camera, Jess. Those flowers . . . Wow. Your llamas are adorable, as is your boy!

    Blessings, friend


  2. Wow. Typo much? I sound like an illiterate fool . . . I can only console my buffoonery with the possibility that it’s still too early for me to remember to proofread before clicking the “post comment” button. Anyway, hopefully you know what I was trying to say — because I sure don’t! J/k 🙂


    • Ha Ha, I too am guilty of pressing publish too early. I am usually in a hurry, ready to move on to the next task on my daily list. I need to learn to slow down…I shall try. I knew exactly what you meant, by the way. Thank you for the compliments, unfortunately, I can’t take any credit for the young ones in my photos. They are neighbors and frequent visitors. My youngest child will be 18 and off to college in the fall, the oldest in his early 30’s….:) Enjoy your day Cara.


      • Slowing down . . . Yes, I like the sound of that. Even the act of taking a deep breath in and pushing it back out, relaxes the body instantly. I am attempting to do that now — I should say that as I do, I am gulping down a delicious caffeinated beverage. LOL.

        Oh, my goodness — so is that not you in your gravtar? I always assumed you were near my age!


      • Haha, Yes, Cara that is me in the Gravatar picture. It was taken last summer. I was born in 62…I can’t bear to say the age. 🙂 jk

        So, you would assume I would know how to relax by now…gosh.


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