following the light…

As the rooster’s crow, the morning’s sun is just cresting above the old oak and maple trees. The blush of the morning showing its face above the barns; it is so peaceful; the magic of the morning light~I set my self down on the cold concrete side porch faced toward the east, sip my first cup of coffee (the first is always the best, don’t you think) the sun, now streaming golden through the trees and the rosy blush fades… I sit enjoying the light, mind wanders to spring plantings. Lexi, Finn, and I wander off the porch, stopping by to see if there may be any signs of green. After the snow we had earlier in the week, I am doubtful, we did hit 50 yesterday though, to my delight there are crocus trying to show their green then purple blooms. I got excited, and let out a lil squeal, Lexi got excited, and stomped one as she danced around my excitement, Oh, to be a Lab.

The animals have been listening for my voice and have decided they have waited long enough, the ducks have come around the corner, quacking about being hungry, the chickens aren’t far behind. I walk back around the house, as I know the llamas, especially Camille will be staring toward me; as if to say; “Really, you are taking your time getting to us this morning, aren’t you!” I swear, Camille knows when I get up to get my cup of coffee every morning; she will stand,unwavering, staring through the kitchen window…I always give in and head right out. The routine is always the same;pellets and greens for the chickens, pick up Lil Mum ,she is so broody but incredibly gentle, take the duck eggs and chicken eggs from under her, set her back down…grain the boys, grain the girls, scoop poop (lovely vision, right), waters, then the dogs and I head about on our walk around the pastures..they always look forward to their familiar walk. I’m not sure how I would walk them if we lived any where else, they don’t even wear collars, not that I could hold on to tow 100+ pound dogs anyway..silly thought. As we near the house and garden area, I stop once again…I really hope to build an arbor to try growing grapes, but, at the moment, a newly built barn is sitting smack dab in the middle of my garden! This will be moved to the lower pasture as soon as the ground dries a bit..there is no floor in it yet, making it easier to drag, so I hear.

Enjoy some mornin’. llama, chicken, duck, baby photos…their are awards after 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, for a bit more sunshine, I must let you know about a few awards, and a bit of tag…it appears that I am behind in my responses…I truly, truly appreciate them all!

A versatile Blogger award..for moi! Nominated by: I hope if you have a moment to pop over to her blog you will love it as much as I do..

I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine award, Thank you so much sweet Steph. Do stop by, I truly think you won’t be disappointed.

A Kreativ Blogger award… from a a blogger who always post interesting, fascinating and sometimes delicious posts..check him out, you’ll see what I mean:

I am fairly new to this blooging community, hence I don’t follow or am followed by a huge number of blogs…I will try to mention some I think anyone would love to visit. Shannon, and her blog are a true delight…I just discovered for my self! oh for the love of flowers…:) always a delight C, and her will visit often, promise funny, heartwarming, and real so many facets to this woman! Every time I visit I am amazed. travel along with this insightful, lovely lady. Gardening in Ireland…<3

I could go on and on….

Well, gosh these are just a few of my favorites…I know I have left out a few of the details, forgive me…and I hope you enjoy them all. Have a Blessed Sunday.
PS, I am never good at these links, so bear with me ❤

13 thoughts on “following the light…

  1. Thanks, Jess, for the ping-back. I too love your blog. Very good to have found one another (thanks, Angie Z!); no doubt we will fun enjoying each other’s daily fun.

    I loved the slideshow!! Still watching it, drinking my coffee. We enjoyed the sun rising through the trees and the songs of cardinals, mockingbirds, chicadees, and wren staking out their territories. Spring is practically here already. Soooo very green today. My giant canopy burr oak by the creek has leaf buds already!!

    Blessed morning to you and your family. Very nice post.


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed following you on your morning. Daisy does that staring through the window thing, I am sure she hears me climb down the ladder from the loft after posting the Good Morning and then she starts her racket. Love it! And our morning walks, the same! maybe i could just wave out as i turn to head to home tomorrow morning and you will see and haloo across the fields and wave back .. c


    • Hi, setting up the slideshow is quite simple; I have thousands of photos I have taken, so I simply select the pics I think correspond to what I have written(loosely perhaps); upload the photos, save any changes, such as the addition of text; scroll to the bottom of the page, and select insert as a slideshow…no need to select any other values….and voila!

      I am happy you enjoy my photos! Have a great day.



  3. Thank you, Jess, for putting me on your list of favorites. It goes without saying that you are one of mine as well. Congrats on all of the awards. We all appreciate what you bring to the blogging table.


  4. What a great description of the beginning of your day. As I read I felt as though I was standing on the porch with the cold concrete under my feet. What a wonderful way to start the day, breathing in fresh air and preparing for hard work! Thanks for the calm beauty of your blog and letting me share this blogging experience with you.


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