When winter finally comes, can spring be far behind? (Shelley)

We, in Upstate NY; have had a very mild, record setting, mild winter… I am not complaining mind you. It was ever so much easier going about chores in 30 and 40 degree weather, as opposed to -5 degrees in 2 feet of snow. But, now they say we are about to get 7-10 inches of snow? I am just not ready anymore. My feet are not ready to be cold, my fingers no longer wish to be numb…Finnegan doesn’t care to have ice balls forming between his toes (he hates that). The chickens still prefer to scratch for little bugs..and such (such=?). The llamas have refused to holed up in their shelters, they want to sleep under the still naked, sap saturated Maples trees… The buds on apples trees don’t want to freeze. Lexi could care less…she is happy being, well, a lab.

Old Man Winter comes by to chill my bones and the sun becomes absent and ominous clouds hang over the fields, winds blow cold down this valley…and yet, surely spring will usher in a welcome warmth…alas, we have lost our early spring.

new, old shelter...

Andy ❤


Rain and Breezy

Ahh, sweet Andy.

Awe, Finni, whadjado?

Sophie, you are not a duck...

the 2 step...

Jenni with Lil' Finni

Lexington ❤

Snow is coming, sadly it is too little too late, for now I no longer wanna sled, I don’t wanna ski, I don’t wanna build a snowman anymore. I wanna plant! I wanna stomp my feet! (will that help?)
Be Well, stay warm.

16 thoughts on “When winter finally comes, can spring be far behind? (Shelley)

  1. Love Andy’s black and white face! Too cute! And Sophie DOES think she’s a duck! Ha! Love these pics! Glad you’re back! We are experiencing the same thing in Northwestern Colorado . . . I too am past the excitement that comes with a good winter snow. Bring on the spring!


    • His face melts my heart, a bit more perhaps, because I loved his mother so (she was my favorite, shh don’t tell the others 🙂 Sophie, just for the record is hysterical, no matter what she is doing…

      The Mountains must be beautiful there in the spring.


  2. Well…everytime they’ve forecasted snow, we’ve not gotten any. So until I actually see it, I’m pretending it’s not happening. I’ll pretend the same for you! Love the photos 🙂


  3. Hello Jes
    It was the same thing over here, almost autumn or spring temperatures from November through January, then beginning of February a cold spell up to -15°C (5°F) that lasted for a fortnight and now we’re back in early spring.
    Love, Steph


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