Livin, lovin and learning

Life on the farm can be disappointing as well as exciting Working in the home is a great way to pass a long winter. We added three new llamas to our herd this month. We welcomed Giovanni, Sweet Phantom’s Cafe, and Cinnamon. Three beautiful llamas! Friday after noon, the sun came out and the earth began to warm. It approached 60’ish. In February. In New York. And though I know that this is just an Indian Spring (?), I still enjoyed our time outside. This was a big blessing in an otherwise chaotic and at times dis heartening day…

My facebook status…by 5pm on Friday, says it all: I would love to say it was a wonderful day, I really would. But,I have owned llamas for 8yrs and have been spit on twice up til today; Today…I have been spit on 10 times before 9:30am..built 600ft of fence in 6hrs. to be lept over in 30seconds flat, placed in another pasture jumped on, then out of a five ft chain link fence with a hot ribbon one foot above that…I love my job, I love my job…I really do. tomorrow, back to the old drawing board. For tonight I am tired, and hungry. Oh, but there is more, Finnegan (our dog) got sick all over the kitchen…because he ate a pair of pants, one of my Roosters died, and our truck is at this moment still stuck in the muddy pasture….

Ever have one of those days, days that make you question your choices, and try your resolve? Sometimes all you need is a warm meal and a good night’s sleep to bring things into perspective. Saturday, I spent the day inside doing indoor chores.(soothing my bruised pride while preparing spaghetti and meatballs for a dinner with friends) We never have time to do indoor chores when the days are long and the nights are warm. I’ve picked out a new color for the living room wall; I think a shade of slate blue will go nicely with the lightly white wash of the barn board stair case and accent wall. What do you think?

morning sunrise…

Peaceful wheelbarrow, with a promise of spring…

And, so, life on the farm continues and outside chores must be done. There is no rest for the modern day farmer.

My little farm hand..lovin on Lilia..

a snapshot of summer on the farm..who wants to look at mud, anyway?

The farm is mostly mud now, and the trees are bare sticks.. But,for visitors to our little cottage farm, I think a warmth is still felt, as they are greeted by a waddling of ducks,vivacious chickens bustling about , the big black dogs,Finnegan and Lexi, all announcing your arrival with their quacking, clucking, and barking. As you wonder up the path; looking off to the far fenced pasture you’ll see the llamas outside their barn intently watching over your arrival and a young cria running to catch up to his (pseudo) mother…Andy still likes to stick fairly close to KatDoll.

A country welcome…

Come on in…

I can hear the birds starting to sing. I hope that you’ve had time to enjoy some oddly warm weather these past few days.

Dear Lord, I thank You for the Grace of being alive this morning; I thank You for the sleep that has refreshed me; I thank You for the chance to make a new beginning.
Be well,

11 thoughts on “Livin, lovin and learning

  1. I just loved the post..I’m so sorry that you had such a rough day. I hope it helps to know that you have someone feeling a LOT of sympathy for you from miles away.
    You also gave me a good laugh, I hope that doesn’t hurt your feelings 🙂
    Have a great day today!


  2. I read this out loud to john, i am sorry you had such a wicked day and thank you so much for turning it into a great laugh for us. John understands the fence thing because Daisy did exactly the same thing twice in a day, leaping fence after fence like a steeple chase horse. Good for you turning to the nice things! And how are the new llamas now? settled in yet?.. c


  3. I have days like these at my job when I blame myself and question my path in life, but those kids always come back to surprise me. Whatever the task, farming, teaching, even writing our blogs, as long as there is rest and reflection, all will turn out okay. 🙂


  4. You deserve a rejuvenating rest after every one of your busy days. I love reading about your life there and seeing pictures of your beautiful property. I hope this week is peaceful and productive and that you find a bit of joy each day 🙂


  5. I really enjoyed this. Sometimes we have those terrible days but those are just little mud puddles on a beautiful road. It sounds like you have a lot of love for what you do and I’m glad I stopped back by and read the rest of the article. I stumbled upon you for the barn picture, I love barns, but I’ll be back for your thoughts and stories 🙂 thanks for sharing and God Bless


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