Hey…Take a Hike!

Semi- wordless Wednesday…Take a Hike!

Do you like to hike? Do you enjoy being with gentle, calming animals?

If you answered yes…then do I have an idea for you. Gentle and sure footed; Llamas have patiently carried packs across some of the roughest terrain in the world since the times of the Incas. Because they walk at about the same pace as a person, they make excellent hiking companions. In fact llamas are environmentally friendly and have a minimal environmental impact. You see the llama’s foot is split into two toes, with a toenail on top and a leathery pad on the bottom; not a hoof. Oh and get this…Llamas will usually sound a high pitched alarm call when these predators are in the area, helping to keep you safe and aware. Llamas are very quiet. They are observant and will often spot wildlife or other trail users before their fellow human hikers do. How is that for a hiking partner? Hey, one more thing…psst, come closer…I have a secret to share: they will even carry a bit of bubbly, mineral water, and a home grown organic lunch ~ just for you (so be sure to pack water and nibbles for them too, mine like carrots) I have been busy planning hikes I plan to take this coming year, maybe you can come along. 🙂

Hope You enjoy the view.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Be well, hope to see you on a trail.

Quick question….does the slide show load easily, or are separate pictures a better display?

15 thoughts on “Hey…Take a Hike!

  1. The slide show is loading just fine here, and the more you show me of these animals the more i would love to have one. Maybe when i am a little more financial and have a little more grass. It just looks to me like a Llama would be a wonderful companion out here .. c


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