While finding pleasure in creating…a revelation.

When I first decided to blog; I found it to be a chasm of creative exploration. I wasn’t sure who, or if, indeed, anyone would visit my site. I knew I had much to share. I spent countless hours surfing from one blog to the next, savoring the humor, the information, the human experience. So much inspiration, so much creativity and beauty. Where would I fit in…did I have a purpose? A niche? Did I need one? Perhaps it could be a venue toward a budding photography business, a home staging, furniture and vintage re purposing, or my love for all things fiber and animal related. As I wrote, it became what it was; something a bit different; at times focus was on family, photographs, loss, love, weddings, llamas….our lives on this little cottage farm. I do love to share what’s happening around me, the simple beauty of a country road. The singular beauty of a rose bud. A brand new cria with his mom. A family wedding. Life.

Having this outlet, this blog, I have discovered a thing or two about myself. I’ve had a revelation! I am who I am meant to be. At nearly 50, I was still struggling with the same question I was tussling with at 20: “What do I want to be when I grow up”?
I am me..a free spirit, a gypsy of sorts, a photographer, an artist, a farmer, a gardener, a reluctant paralegal, a developer, an organizer, a care giver, a MOM…Can I sit for 8-10 hours in an office doing the same thing day in- day out? Probably not. Perhaps, some people should do a little of this and a little of that. Maybe, there isn’t one particular thing, I am supposed to do…but rather; a variety of things. When I think of it this way, it seems kind of exciting, I may not know what life has in store for me. But,I think now, I can relax and enjoy the ride. Enjoy being a bit of a dreamer, follow the paths, with all the twists and turns that it could follow. Simply be myself, keep honest, and blog with my own style…be a keeper of memories, creative endeavors, farm life, and special moments. There is beauty every where I look; it fills me with a gentle purpose and an appreciation of all of the treasured moments at my cottage farm. This little blog of mine became a place full of endless exploration with people who share similar interests.

I have spent some time perusing the new seed catalogs that have arrived, which inspired me to share some spring-y photos with you. Enjoy.

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Be well,

12 thoughts on “While finding pleasure in creating…a revelation.

  1. the garden catalogs are arriving for you also, then! isn’t it fun to prepare for it all? a great post, and i understand how working a desk job isn’t for you. We are blessed to do what suits us.

    ps… i still have a hard time placing you at fifty… not that it matters, really, but in my head, you are in your thirties.


  2. This was so nice to read this morning. I have found that a blog helps me sort of gather all my interests and passions in life in one place. I don’t feel like such a ping pong ball. So I relate to the feeling that blogging centers me and I have so much fun doing it – the writing and the connecting with other bloggers and the photography – that it’s almost a guilty pleasure. but that’s one more thing I’ve learned with age – guilt for something selfish? Uhm – no more. Always enjoy visiting you here.


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