Sunrise, time to start chores…reluctantly I head out into the cold December morn….

I am not complaining, I love my little farm, and all of its critters…yet, there are mornings I would rather not venture out quite so early. Like this morning all drizzly, damp, and cold. Once I step out of the kitchen door, everything seems as it should and I relax in to the morning’s flow of activity ~ happily ~ if not a admittedly skosh weary.

Mind you this is not a glamorous undertaking.

This is how I usually go about my chores:

Farm Fashion, or early chore attire

By the time I get out the sun is usually cresting just above the east hills; the roosters are crowing, the ducks are squawking; and the llamas are chewing their cud quietly greeting the new day. They all know the routine; the girls (llamas) line up at the fence line. The Chickens and ducks come running full steam ahead to greet me raucously at the fence gate; scurrying under the stud llama’s legs. We use large round bales, and have a covered shed for the girls to munch at their leisure, just outside of their barn. Haying the stud muffins is another story; I cut the twine surrounding the huge bales, then pull down the hay that peels off in fragrant sheets, layer by layer. I gather what I can carry and place it in the boys barn (really a shed) repeated as necessary.

Morning goes something like this…
smooch big dogs
feed big dogs
smooch Riley cat
feed Riley cat
start tea water (and/or have a cuppa left over from Howie’s pot of coffee)
fill water buckets
fill dog and cat waters
lay out 14 feed bowls
measure out sweet mix for all llamas
measure out beet pulp for all llamas
fill bucket with layer pellets
make tea..
let dogs out
carry 11 of the bowls to the girls pasture
carry 3 bowls to stud pasture
fill poultry grain feeder
gather eggs as I defend my legs against Mr. Nasty (bantam rooster with king sized attitude)
carry water bucket to replenish girls water
carry water bucket to replenish studs water
carry water bucket to replenish poultry water
bring hay to the stud muffins
pick up all bowls
pick water buckets
dogs and I head in…In that moment – animals fed and watered,on this damp cold morning, the smell of hay and the sound of llamas chewing contentedly,dogs frolicking in the yard… I am at peace. Maybe mornings aren’t so dreadful after all.

remember to enjoy tea!

ready for breakfast

My grain please Ma'am..

Sophie, first in line...always

singing for their meal....hee hee

Here comes the sun...sorta

Yesterday morning was a little brighter.

bringing in wood for the kitchen stove...( I have drier , but this was prettier)

batten down the hatches and head in for breakfast.

I am heading out finish my Christmas Shopping today. Picking up Howie’s perfect gift from it’s hiding place. So, I better be on my way.
Be Well.

9 thoughts on “Sunrise, time to start chores…reluctantly I head out into the cold December morn….

  1. In perfect weather it is nice to be up early and greet the day. On cold, windy,wet or snowy days it is harder to do. You have a wonderful fan club to welcome you outside and I can see they appreciate your effort.


  2. Thank you for sharing your morning- it felt like I headed out with you. Luckily for me I was drinking coffee and inside the whole time… I love the IDEA of morning chores but have realized that I more love doing it for a week or so. I have tons of respect for the real farmer girls who have to do it every day. -kate


  3. Some days…no, C; I don’t soak the shreds..I have mistakenly purchased those dreaded hard as rock pellets, had to soak those for what seemed like hours. they eat the dried shreds like candy. I am always sure to have lots of fresh water available though.

    Those ducks are characters – in every sense of the word. I have 4 – 3 of which are layers; I gather at least 5 eggs a day…even now with so little daylight. They are great for baking.
    Enjoy your day.


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