In search of the perfect gifts…and the traveling boots

With my husband off to San Diego for a week, I am in search of his perfect gift.

What is your idea of the perfect gift? If someone special in your life were to ask you to describe what you would like, a material object, written words as confirmation of love, a trip together…..

Finding gifts for children, young or grown, is easy (unless you are looking for a Cabbage Patch kid in 1980) they usually provide (Santa) me with a rather detailed and lengthy list. Finding gifts for my husband, not so easy; you see, he doesn’t care about the perfect sweater, the best boots, shiniest watch, or latest electronic gadgets, he has no use for gold cuff links, he has 4 pair of cowboy boots, every tool imaginable; I’m bored with buying jeans and white t-shirts. I could just ask him; but, I like the surprise…otherwise, it is like he chose his gift and I wrapped it..kinda senseless. So, I search and think, and ponder. Walking aimlessly through crowded malls, hoping to come across the “perfect” gift is not a viable option (at least not for me).
He never really wants anything; I need to find that little something that carries with it some emotional value, maybe… rather than their practical or monetary value. Perhaps something that will remind him of love, and experiences, of past times…but, what?(err, maybe that’s what I want)
Back to him; I could make him a new scarf from our llama fiber; I think I will. The scarf he will like,but..something,the one perfect gift……????? He is forever busy, building, farm chores,and repairs…a nice long, relaxing massage? He never really takes time to relax..or time for himself, this may be a “perfect” gift.

Or, maybe…I’ll keep searching.

dining room tree...

Kitchen/family tree...lots of old and handmade ornaments

lookin' for inspiration...with the boots

the boots.

boots with salvaged barn beams

boots..with the stock trailer

boots...with chopped wood (maybe he needs a new ax)

boots at the hay feeder..not sure she is very impressed.

I have found the one whom my soul loves... song of Solomon 3:4 (well, at least I found something)

On such a tangled, fragile mesh of meanings there rests enormous weight. The search goes on; I have a week. I can do this! Right?

Be Well,

11 thoughts on “In search of the perfect gifts…and the traveling boots

  1. I’ll have the scarf. This year i gave John a small rechargeable drill, weird, but his favourite gift so far, as he can store it in the pocket of his jacket while working up high (barn work is every evolving) and look at your gorgeous huge tree, how wonderful bet the kids just love it. Do you spin the fibre from the llama, and do you mix it with anything?.. c


    • I would gladly make you a scarf…and yes, we do spin, and i have mixed llama with silk and wool. I like the softness and warmth silk provides. The softest and warmest mittens I have ever owned were given to me by my eldest sister, they are silk and llama…I adore them.

      Funny, I gave Howie a cordless drill, light, and some other cordless thing for Christmas one year..he still says it is his favorite gift. So Utilitarian.:)
      The kids do love the tree, when they were young, I always had the tree light lit before school as they were getting ready, and on after school, when they returned home. I grew up in a very poor family, the only gifts we received were donated from charities..and sometimes we weren’t sure we would have a tree..still I decorated everything, even as a child, I made construction paper loop chains, and macaroni strung garland…I have always loved Christmas, even when there wasn’t much to love about it. I tried to bring this to my children; who are now as Holiday obsessed as I am. Jess


  2. For Howie there is no perfect gift, but then maybe a new up todate hammer, or something like that. A new hat to go w/cowboy boots?? Oh well thats all I have!!


  3. I was reading with great anticipation because I want answers! Husbands are THE hardest. Love your photos – especially today Boots at the hay. Mmmmmm. Last year I bought Alpaca (llama? are they the same?) gloves for several girls in my family and an Alpaca lamb toy for my granddaughter. They’re so soft and wonderful. I’ll check back here later to see what ideas pop up.


    • Barb,

      Hi, forgot to reply to the llama / alpaca question; nope, they are not the same; though they are both Camelids. Alpacas are much smaller animals and have a soft single fiber coat,or a suri; llamas can weigh up to 450lbs., and can either have a fine single coat, a fine double coat, a course outer coat with a fine soft under coat..or a silky to the touch suri coat. I think tomorrows post will be about llamas. πŸ™‚



  4. Oh! And I forgot because I got so distracted by your beautiful pics and riveting content today (husbands and gifts and all) to tell you I linked to your site today on The Empty Nest Mom with a great big thank-you and some Tebowing for the Liebster Award. Thank you again. You made my day. My week. Okay – my month at least.


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