The art of choosing a Christmas tree.

I thought this would be a good time to pop back in; and re-post this amusing (to me ) course of events. We are selling Christmas trees for the first time here at the shop; kinda excited!

Or, how not to choose a Christmas tree.

It is no secret, I LOVE Christmas, so getting prepared is bliss. Our family enjoys heading out to a Christmas tree farm to select and cut our own Christmas tree. Nothing is as much fun or nostalgic around the holidays than packing up and heading to a Christmas tree farm… I have memories of pulling my children around in a plastic sled through the rows of trees, as they grew we would argue over which was the best tree, while we were totally freezing, then watching them try to cut and carry the trees. Today, the weather is a bit wonky..60 something and sunny…what is up with that? I want frosty fingers and a bright red nose when searching for our trees, (I suffered in silence and endured the warmth…;) It’s a wonderful tradition, and it’s a wonderful thing to do in a world now that is so far removed from nature,all the technology and all the craziness and all the horrible news— it just gives you a chance to maybe step back to a simpler slow down a little.

We wonder in search of the perfect trees…covering acres and acres of neatly planted rows of trees; breathing in the fresh scent of pine that permeates the air. If we come across a potential keeper…we like to use the arm test,raise an arm toward your ceiling to the height you want your tree to be, measure the tree with your arm (note to self…it does not work if Dad measures the ceiling and Jenn measures the tree)…Don’t forget that the tree stand often adds to the overall height, perhaps 4 to 6 inches….and leave room for the star. Full, with sturdy branches to hold oodles, and oodles of ornaments; this is another requirement.

Also, please note it is not necessary, when choosing a tree, to lie on the grass and play with their cat for 20 or so minutes, as you decide whether to name (re-name) him Gerard or Christmas Tree.

A big pot of turkey soup and hot cider waiting at home = perfect day.

I was temporarily derailed from my tree hunting mission...

Josh and Juli all set for their drive back to the city...

Do you have a natural tree or an artificial? I remember the modern allure of the aluminum trees as a child…Sister Helen even had a rotating light in front of hers…:)

Be Well,

6 thoughts on “The art of choosing a Christmas tree.

  1. I remember a silver aluminum tree as a kid too – it was so 60’s (probably because it WAS the 60’s). It had blue balls (poor thing). I digress.

    We always have a live tree – usually 2 and sometimes 3 trees. One smallish one in the guest room hung with ornaments from Alaska (used to live there). Then one fake one (but green) that’s fancy with clear and white and crystal decor – and then the favorite with homemade miscellaneous from years and years of gathering and ornaments given as gifts. Love these pictures you posted – and your tree? PERFECT! I’m glad it found a happy home.


  2. The perfect tree is all important. One year I returned a tree because it was too small. They gladly accepted my “small” tree and I bought a much larger one. I was happy and so was the seller as I had paid a lot more for the “perfect” tree. Your tree looks beautiful.


    • I agree, the tree is the center of holiday attention. I’m glad they let you exchange trees…some cut trees are cut in the fields before thanksgiving and shipped from Canada and northern states…even shipped to NH, ME and Vermont; seems silly to me.
      Both of our trees are now decorated…and gleaming.


  3. What a lovely tree. We used to have a real tree – met with disaster with one a few years ago – got an artificial one and loved it until last year when we went for the real deal again. It got too hot and the branches started turning downward causing my ornaments to fall off. In defense of real trees – which I love – we got it from a lot so it may have been older than we were led to believe. I think you have the right idea about going out and selecting one in the field. You’ll know it is fresh and it’s so much fun!


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