A month of thanksgiving ~ Day 13

November 13, 2011

Christmas Lights

I am grateful Old Man Winter hasn’t started blowin’ too much cold weather our way yet; in fact since our freakish October snow storm it has been quite mild, some might even say balmy (not if you are from a warm climate of course). It’s Just A Matter Of Time Till Old Man Winter Comes Blowing In! So, I decided to hang my outside Christmas lights; it is much easier when my fingers aren’t frozen and stiff. I can take my time and set them just the way I want them..no shivering even (I feel Like I’m cheating a little).
Most years it usually goes a little like this:

Scenerio: I wake up in the morning ready to decorate; it’s not only frigidly cold, but snow has fallen during the night and is still coming down hard. “No problem,” I smile to (my slightly delusional) self and finish untangling the lights “ I’ll go out, tie up these lights and have the whole place pretty in a couple of hours.”

Reality: Half of the lights don’t work, the extension cord is no where to be found … my fingers (cause I can’t work in mittens) are frozen solid ..like Popsicles with a wedding ring round the middle. I can’t feel my feet; they are buried in 2 feet of snow …the dog ran off with the last set of lights, and the snow is STILL falling and I wonder what I could have done to make this ‘enjoyable” seasonal chore more “enjoyable….grumble..brrr…grumble.

Thank you Old Man Winter for waiting ’til I hung my outdoor holiday lights! 🙂

Can you see Old Man Winter in the clouds?


Llama lights

Winter mornin'

PS ~ I don’t turn the lights on til after Thanksgiving…
Be Well,

8 thoughts on “A month of thanksgiving ~ Day 13

  1. We have been fortunate with this weather! For the very FIRST time in my life, I pulled a Gretchen Wilson. I never took my lights down from last year. I don’t hang many and you can hardly see the string as the cord is white and matches the porch…but still. Husband called me redneck all summer. But…I don’t have to wake up one morning next month and have those stiff frozen fingers you spoke of and also avoided! Thank you for the smile!
    Lovely photos, as always!


  2. Your story made me chuckle. That is usually what happens when i decide to cut greens for the front door urns. We are having the same weather as you. Thank goodness our 8 inches of snow have melted. Our house is too tall for lights. I put a wreath and an electric candle in each window on the front of the house. It seems fitting on the 1730’s house. You reminded me that I have to get new bows this year.


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