A month of thanksgiving ~ Day 12

November 12, 2011

Our High School Sports Team’s success….

It was a perfect night for a football game, the air was brisk, the moon was full, the bleachers were packed. Excitement filled the air. The sound of air horns and cowbells filled the air. The boys came to win, with some of the best sportsmanship I have seen. Their parents and coaches must be proud.
It is wonderful to see the sheer joy on these kids faces; they have worked so hard to get to this point! Hoosick Falls has enjoyed athletic success this fall, and it’s not over just yet. The Football team won the Class C Superbowl; are rated #1 in the state and last night they won their game against Saranac Lake to move on to the State’s semi-finals.

The Girl’s Soccer team is playing today at the State Regional Playoffs vs Tupper Lake in Massena, NY. Good Luck Girls!!!!

Our School team’s success can be partially attributed (I believe) to our incredibly supportive community. This along with excellent coaches working with simply the smartest and most talented student athletes in the state make us a tough program to beat. All of their accomplishments are achieved with the utmost in sportsmanship. I was so excited to see the coach put in the boys from the second string and JV players; giving all of the kids a chance to play in such a huge game! I am proud and grateful to live in this Town.

“The difference between just doing something and putting all your heart, soul, and passion into that something is liken to just living your life versus “experiencing life.” Deeper, richer meaning is derived from the latter while the former is…merely what it is.”

(football photos by Paul Hand, soccer photo Gerry Surdam)

Be well,

4 thoughts on “A month of thanksgiving ~ Day 12

  1. Jessica,
    You are such an eloquent writer. You capture the essence of everything and have a talent for putting it into words. I enjoy reading your blogs. It’s nice to know that there are others who realize the beauty in the simple everyday things.

    Keep writing…you are making a difference.



  2. Jessica thank you for sharing and i totally agree with Shari’s words. This is no accident we have very talented children with very dedicated coachs and volunteers.


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