A month of thanksgiving ~ Day 7

November 7, 2011


I think I may have mentioned; I appreciate having animals in my life. Well, this morning, I appreciate having llamas…I appreciate having llamas where they belong – in the pasture. I was happily going about my busy farm chore life…just coming in from feeding and collecting eggs from the chickens and ducks. I guess it must have been about 6:45 by then. While I was out near the far shed, little Andy came up to the fence to say good morning. I noticed his usual companion was not with him; I gave a quick shrug of my shoulders and a “huh, he’s becoming a bit more independent”…and never thought any more of it. I gathered up my things, called to the dogs, and headed in, took off my boots, grabbed a hot cuppa, and settled into my chair by the fire to enjoy the first coffee of the morning (always bliss)…

Ahh, life is good, nice brisk, sunny day……….my moment of bliss was rudely interrupted by the ringing of the telephone…”Hello”.
“Ah, good morning, this here’s your neighbor down the road”.
“Good Morning, Neighbor”.
” Your llamas are down at the school bus stop”
A deep breath in…”What”?!
“yup, about six of them”.
I look around, taking in what I already knew; I was home alone, with 6 llamas ready for school.
Ok, don’t panic. Yes, they are ON THE ROAD, but, it is a quiet road and everyone knows where they live.
I throw on my boots, jacket,grab some grain, and head out the door.
Running…err (more like quick walking) down to the llamas (not far, we live at the end of a dead end road) at the bus stop…I start thinking…I hope the neighbor brought his dog in..Penelope takes a particular dislike to dogs. I can just see myself now; chasing a llama, chasing a dog, while the children and traffic watch from the bus stop. Not pretty.

As soon as I was in eye shot, I called to KatDoll ( who will usually come to me grain or not) …I shook the grain bowl and called out again. Hurray, they ALL came running, kind of a pretty site really…ok..now maybe I should have found out where they got out of the pasture in the first place, we could have gone right back in the way they came out. didn’t think that far ahead, as we (myself and six llamas) walk back up the road toward home…again, not far…I think..hmmm , how do I get them all back in the pasture, whilst containing the more well behaved ones still in there..BY MY SELF? By now all of the studs are rearing up…they are in some mighty deep love right now…I guess the girls decided to flirt a little …’cuz they headed right over to the boys pasture….gggreat! Now, you see, I have a boy who can jump over a six foot fence from a standing position…if he wants girls..who are on the other side of the fence…who am I to stop him? Think quick…grain! Phantom loves grain…more than girls? I hope so…Nope, but the other boys did, and that was enough to deter him for the time being. How could he; being the king of the pasture, allow them to eat all of the grain.

I grabbed the halter and lead nearby, caught KatDoll; picked up the remaining bowls of grain..and headed over the pasture gate…as I unlatched the fence, I kept my back to the girls still in the pasture, while still enticing the girls out of the pasture to come in..with Kat Doll on the lead, behind me…I was able to get them all in..whew! I gave KatDoll a smooch, took of the halter…and headed back to my nice…cold cuppa.

I am grateful, my animals are in the pasture; that is all.

KatDoll with little Andy

...right where they are supposed to be

enjoying the pasture...

"Let's scratch together"!

Little Andy with Breezy

Pretty girl.

Phantom...thank yo for staying put this morning!


I love my little farm!
Be well,

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