A month of thanksgiving…Day 5

November 5, 2011

Thankful for being productive even if it’s loads of laundry at 2am….a sign of the times

Here’s to you, “late night, no sleep empowerment”.
For some reason, I am so damn productive. Don’t get me wrong, I would much rather be sleeping, all snuggled in warmly with my husband and Lexi blissfully snoring next to me. Yes, the black lab sleeps(get this) between us; she has since she was a pup; we brought her home just before her 9th week of life…she would whimper, and give me those pleading, soulful baby lab eyes, after 2 minutes or so of this torture, I picked her up laid her next to us, gently touched her baby lab face ’til she went to sleep. No more sad whimpers…snoring took it’s place…two and one half years, and 100 pounds later…she is still sleeping right where I put her that first night! Damn. (can I swear on here?)… In all honesty, it is neither my lovely husband, nor my furry black friend that cause me lack of sleep…I used to be a very good sleeper; the best even, however as life moves forward so do the hormones associated with all of the pleasantries of being …errr, somewhere around 50…
So, alas, I am grateful that I find quiet, productive things to do for those times when sleep eludes me.

Here are a few of the projects I have been working on…
*writing a business plan for a fiber co-op..as well as trying to write and finish a grant proposal/application before the Nov. 22 deadline..
*2 watercolor paintings as (overdo) wedding gifts ; one of them needs framing.
*mastering the art of spinning llama fiber..this one doesn’t work out so well without sleep to squelch the tides of frustration inherent to this activity.
*reading, usually Herriot, or Thoreau..I have read them all a couple hundred times, so they don’t take much thought anymore..:)

If I only remembered all of the wonderful ideas I had during the day as I have when I am awake at 3 in the morning…,I’d be so busy..I would have to clone myself. I do hear that stage of life passes…as do all others; so I embrace and am thankful for being productive, YES…even at 2am.

I have added a (poor) photo of one of the paintings…

a look at Stowe...

Sleep is like the unicorn – it is rumored to exist, but I doubt I will see any…
Be well, and keep smiling

3 thoughts on “A month of thanksgiving…Day 5

  1. I am glad you fill your sleepless time, better than lying in bed staring at the ceiling. I am a good sleeper but sometimes i wake very early and then i write, i wish i had a nighttime fairy to come and do my laundry though! c


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