As time goes by…my list gets longer

Do you have one of those lists, I guess they call them bucket lists now. Well, apparently I have two.
One short term and one a life long list. Dreams I have ,things I want to achieve, do, see…time goes by so fast it is easy to lose sight of these things. My list(s) remind me of what I love and what I am passionate about doing, creates a whole new level of enthusiasm for what I set as my goals. Actually writing down these wishes and dreams became very insightful for me, a focus of sorts.
Here are my lists…
Short term:
learn to spin fiber (properly)
learn to weave what I have spun
create and maintain a color harvesting garden ( to dye the fiber before/after spinning, before I weave it)
master the art of portraiture
add sheep to my farm menagerie( I am beyond smitten with them)
finish a few watercolor works
build a studio ~ maybe this is long term?

Long term:
travel in Europe
visit as many of our United States as possible
teach my (not yet born) grand children anything
perfect my cottage garden
hike all of NH’s 4000 footers
Help homeless, orphaned children
meet Maya Angelou!!!
write a book
learn Italian

I am certain this will be edited as time goes by, but for now ~ this is it. What are your biggest goals and dreams?
These photos are of my “neighbor”, my animals, and a friend’s animals…all wonderful creatures! (and leaves)

last bloom



what a pair

fell in love...

wondering what they are thinking...

gives new meaning to bird bath...

country grls

looking from the hills of East Hoosick toward Vermont, you can see the Bennington Monument

What’s on your bucket list?

Be well,

I would love to know your thoughts; leave a note to share !

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