A September Day…

Life can get pretty hectic at times; sometimes I need to pause to consider our blessed and full life…a combination of stress, excitement, and love.
We all lead far too hectic, busy lives. We have great intentions toward simplicity, looking for moments in our day to just be! Enjoy the sweet moments with those we cherish, before the moments pass…maybe, we don’t need to be so cognizant of these moments, perhaps they just happen,we enjoy them , and carry on with our day ~ only to look back and remember; the I love you, Mom with a hug good bye, the tender squeeze of my hand from a friend as my daughter makes a play, my older daughter’s voice on the phone, my husband’s sweet smile as he come home at the end of the day…I did stop long enough to enjoy these things, even without intention.
Even with; a College search, fair season, field hockey, homecoming dress shopping, vet health certification appointments, and house renos, I have decided to get my Real Estate license and home staging certification…somehow squeezing in class time (oh, but I am excited). Still,as each day goes by, I find that one project leads to another, and another, until, by days end, I feel that I haven’t even so much as sat down with my now cold cup of Earl Grey… some how, I have captured some of these moments with my camera…to be cherished later…

Here are some pictures from a typical day…of animals chores, home, and family.

Riley adorning the kitchen...

pre-game pep talk

...and she swings

Jenni...attack mode

ut oh...another corner

...defense mode

"Hey, can we go to a game?"

sittin' pretty

I have taken to just dusting around Riley…he seldom moves anyway…
Be well,

5 thoughts on “A September Day…

  1. Hey Jessica! 🙂 I’m glad you stumbled on my blog too…..and that first fall photo was my favorite also. 🙂 I am addicted to pinterest and LOVE how many wonderful photos you can find for inspiration on there! Speaking of photos, you have some nice ones on here! Your kids are adorable and your life sounds a lot like mine…busy busy busy! lol
    Have a great day


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