Did you ever have one of those days…

I hesitated writing this blog, not knowing what to write, not knowing where to begin; So,I guess the beginning is best.

As my husband and I were attending a wedding earlier in the summer(Sarah & Andrew’s); we were asked to help at a friend’s daughter’s wedding. We were bar-tending, if you know us, you know how hysterical this really is.
My husband decided to go over to the reception venue early to try to gain some perspective(believe me when I say we needed some); he returned with a sullen expression, not what I was expecting….he had bad news, I just knew it. The Father of the Bride’s brother had just(in the past hour) died of a heart attack, he was to attend the wedding with his family. The wedding ceremony was commencing as we spoke. The Bride’s father, nor the family knew the news…I couldn’t even imagine the scenario that was about to play out.
We drove to the where the reception was to be; prepared for guests, the hall looked adorable; a country/outdoors-man theme. Just as we were about to sit a and relax for a moment before guests arrived; an elderly woman entered, and called my husband over…she did not feel well. He motioned for me to come over. I approached the woman with a smile; she responded with a grimace ~ She was having chest pain! I sent my husband to call the rescue squad, sat her down, put her feet up…took vitals, basic information…wiped her tears,called her dear friend…she was in her 90’s and here for the wedding. (found out later she was doing ok)…All of this before the newly married couple even arrived for the reception! Talk about mixed emotions!
The wedding party arrived, did they know yet?, do the guests know? I had no idea how to respond. OK, put a smile on your face and forge ahead,I told myself…focus on the blessing of the day, I said…trying to force the elephant in the room from my thoughts.

I am still unsure how the family made it through the day (they were told ), I admire their strength, courage, and Love.
I was all to happy to snuggle into my cozy bed on our little farm that night…and the reception was very, very sweet. Here are some pictures, I hope you enjoy them.

Kearsten & Eric

Head table

the cute couple

first dance

Father ~ Daughter dance...

...not a dry eye in the house.

Bride and her Mom

dancing the night away...

...with the love of friends

My wish for them ...Happily ever after

Be well,
Enjoy life, live fully every day…just never know what each day may bring.