Hometown Football…and a Remembering 9/11

High School Football in America…it hasn’t really changed much over the years, just like those thrilling Friday nights of yesteryear; the players “will to win” is palpable! The smell of early fall and the snack bar with hamburgers,hot dogs filled the air…There’s a reason why the Friday night tradition continues to be played out across America, year after year after year…The American spirit is epitomized in high school football. Honor, commitment, fair play, hard work, and accomplishment always produce a successful team… and country. Coaches,students, parents, and our small community all pull together to make this football program happen. Without hard work, dedication, commitment, and accomplishment there is no high school football. Prosperity occurs when people volunteer. The prosperity ingrained in high school football cannot possibly exist in some countries.The courage, prosperity, and promise characterized by high school football is a metaphor for what we call the American Way.
So, even on a beautiful Friday night in Upstate NY, there is more to life than football, Last night, our small town, remembered those that lost their lives on 9/11 ten years ago. Some lost their lives in the initial explosions, some in an attempt to save others, some in the fight to keep us free from Terrorism. All of those, then and now, who fight to keep our Country free and safe; we remembered last night in a touching, patriotic pre-game and half time show.

The High School chorus, cheer leaders, local talent, and Bagpipes, all came together to offer their talents in a touching remembrance to the victims and families of 9/11/01.

Beautiful night for a Home Game.

Under the lights.

One of many to come!

Representatives of Our Hometown First Responders…

High School choir, and Jazz Band, with First Responders…

Shari sang “Proud to be an American” to rousing applause.

Do you attend Friday Night Football Games?
Be well,

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