County Fairs…a celebration of agriculture…

All summer, I look forward to fair season. Llama shows! Fair food! Barns full of, sheep, cows, chickens, horses, and goats! 4H displays; works of art proudly displaying the 4Her’s hard work and agricultural interests…the 4H animal competitions are a favorite…the kids are so proud, excited,and anxious to see how there hard work may pay off in ribbons, trophies, and premiums.

As a kid, I never had enough ride tickets, now just looking at the rides spinning makes me dizzy. So, I don’t spend much tome in the Midway…though, I do like the pretty lights on the ferris wheel….

At the fair, I look forward to reconnecting with friends who share a common interest, and in my case, a shared love of llamas and fiber art. I always wish for more time with these friends. Maybe this is what makes fair time so special to me…friends and human connection. Gosh, I’m sappy!

County fairs; historically were established to promote agriculture, education and science through exhibitions, displays, live stock judging competitions and demonstrations…Fairs quickly became highly anticipated events across the country. Many farm families adjusted their work schedules as far as a month in advance of the big events in order to earn a few work-free days at the fair.
Farmers came to share their farming techniques. Rural families went to view the very best in agricultural products and livestock, and to experience programs and events that they will not experience anywhere except at the fair; games, racing, horse demonstrations, crafts, a variety of foods and special programs for Mothers, Fathers, and kids.
For many people, the fair would mark the first time they saw electric lights and airplanes! My husband,s favorite parts of the fair are the new equipment (think.. tractors) and the antique engines on display.
Even today, I think fairgoers attend to celebrate agricultural, exhibitions, food, the midway’s carnival rides, entertainment, competitions, and the always popular concerts.

How could anyone resist that face?

Fair buddies.

Such a cute goat face!

Best in show…(wondering if his owner has to arm himself/herself when collecting eggs from the hens)

Miss Lily’s ribbons…a years hard work pays off!

Polled Hereford…

Lily and her Hereford.

Lights of the ferris wheel!

I hope you get to visit a County Fair near you. If you do go; what do you like to see?
Be Well,

4 thoughts on “County Fairs…a celebration of agriculture…

  1. I love the fair, too! Unfortunately as I discovered this year the one in my new town (I moved here last year) is really quite disappointing. The exciting draw for the whole thing is the rodeo, which they do at midday in horrible heat so I didn’t even bother with it this year. I did get to watch some of the horse show and wander around the arts and crafts building though, which was a ton of fun.


    • Awe, sorry to hear that..our County fair didn’t have a horse show! We go to many that do though… Our favorite fairs are the Eastern State’s exposition in Mass., and the Three County Fair in North Hampton ( the oldest agricultural fair in America).
      Thanks for visiting!



  2. Cecilia,

    Ours is not too big either, but always fun! The Hereford is shown by my friend’s little girl. Not sure how she handles such a big cow, but, she does a great job.
    Do you raise Hereford’s for meat ? Or do you just have the one cow?



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