pet sitting and a hurricane…

I doggie sat for my daughter recently as she and Josh headed to the Beaches of South Carolina for a vacation; just as Irene was due to hit Upstate NY. Within the first 2 hours I had failed miserably…a neighborhood dog bit Nali’s eye. Through the tears(mine), I was able to clean it up and ascertain there was no real damage; it was a fairly superficial. (whew) Immediately my thoughts turned to Juli, I wondered whether or not I should call… (remember, this is the first 2 hours) Do I let her know her beloved Nali was hurt? (insert guilt here, you see Nali was a rescue, he was thrown into a dumpster as a young pup and on the very brink of life when he found Juli) Or, perhaps I should wait until she was home, so as not to ruin her vacation with worry. As luck would have it, Juli called me! “How are my babies?” she asked; I started crying, yet again, and I just blurted it out. He seemed fine so she was fine. Minor tragedy considering what was headed our way…Irene was coming to town.
Not only were we in the midst of a hurricane; I was trapped in the house with 4 dogs, and a very large cat! Water was pouring from the sky, and of course they had to go “out” and often! Mud up to my eyeballs…forget about wiping their feet, they rolled in the sloshy muck of a back yard…oh, well..I’ll clean later. Sirens were sounding, Howie was out to calls all day long,(NHFD), roads were closed, rivers flooding, my sister was being evacuated. I had to find out if my family was ok. So, I loaded up the Suburban with Lexi, Finnegan, Nali, Si, and my youngest daughter. We headed out into the storm. As we headed to my youngest sister’s home, we had to cross a bridge with water up to the top of the cement supports…talk about a scary scene…we had minutes to check on them, see if they needed anything and get back across the bridge before they closed it (trapping us on the other side of the bridge with no roads leading home…they were ok; no phone, or electricity,but no flooding waters. One brother had water up to his front door, one sister had to evacuate residents of a group home she worked at, one brother was caring for my Mother and her home. My oldest sister was kept informed by cell phone text conversations, she lives in must be worse to worry from so far away. Another brother in NH was in constant contact, they were getting more wind than rain, he was worried and any information was a cooling salve for frazzled nerves.
Now, I don’t know about you, but, I don’t usually worry about heading to Vermont during a hurricane…today was different. Every where we turned, roads were washed out or closed, bridges, houses, livestock, crops, and cars washed for many was changed forever.
We were lucky, everyone was safe …many many, families, farms, and businesses were not so lucky.

My thoughts and prayers are with them still…and I cherish my little farm home<3

At post ~ such nosey little fella!

Naldo (or Nali as I call him)…mwah!

Si…a sweet little guy.


Do you have a “the worst” pet sitting story?

Be well,

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