Old Barns…Romantic?

This summer we decided to locate, dismantle, restore, and re-erect an old hand-hewn timber frame barn,I have been attempting to chronicle our adventure as we go along. (see earlier posts) This summer the weather hasn’t really been cooperating; it has been way too hot and humid to be out in the sun pulling, tugging, hammering, and hauling. We were able to dismantle a smaller barn on the property, salvaging tin for the roof of a “new” llama shelter, old, weathered barn siding, and beautiful barn flooring; all to be re-purposed at our farm. This past weekend we started to dismantle the larger of the two old barns. Howie is going to re-use a bit of the timber,siding and barn boards to fashion a new kitchen island for us! I can hardly contain myself!

Folks who may have walked, or driven past these old barns first thought may not have been…”oh,I can re-use most of this”…some would have thought…”just tear it down”; not us! We were pretty darned excited about our find! These old farm buildings have been here for generations, and with a little help they could last another 100 years. We immediately envisioned some extra storage space, a workshop/studio,and a small llama barn…the llamas of course being our first priority. These old barns will add personality to our rural farm…and oh the stories they will tell.

I don’t know why, but I think old barns are almost romantic. Sometimes pretty, sometimes creepy, always interesting. If barns could talk, imagine the history and stories these barns could tell, it is neat to think about. I imagine barns speak of simpler times… farm life in days gone by…of the rural America of the past.

What a journey ~ finding what is really important, and how to enjoy the simple things in life. Speaking of simple; In 2 of the next photos is Finnegan, I told him to get off the sofa(photo #1) He laughed at me (photo #2)!

Enjoy the last of summer. Go. Before the days get short and the nights get long, take a drive out in the country, or just take a summer stroll ~ relax awhile, just let the world go by…

Be Well,