A Beautiful Day….A Beautiful Wedding

Every couple’s desire is to have a beautiful wedding; an absolutely gorgeous, beautiful ceremony that is uniquely their own. Jared and Ryan’s was warm, personal and spiritual,centered on their love for each other and their family and friends.
A Day to be cherished forever.
I will try to share a bit of it with you;
A string trio played a different song, one each for parents, bridesmaids, and the Bride as we walked across the lawn of the River Stone Manor toward the waiting guests…they said their personal, and special vows, only cried a little, exchanged rings, just beautiful.
The Officiant presented Mr. & Mrs. Jared Steller (sort of). We were all gathered for pictures, as guests wandered over to a separate area for hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, followed by the reception at the Large Hall. Apparently most people don’t do reception lines any more, and I can imagine that people don’t like waiting in a line anyway…

It was the DJ who introduced the parents, wedding party, and the Bride & Groom. Everyone assembled and in order, we were called in pairs, and some had decided to do little poses or movements together, Jared and Ryan Cheered a little with their hands clasped and raised between them!
Let the festivities begin!!

The Brides sisters had prepared a speech, it was sweet and heartfelt; it made me cry. Jason, my stepson, wrote a heartfelt speech for his brother; filled with memories; this too made me cry.

After all of the formal dances; everyone hit the dance floor and We kept dancing until the very last song played! Perfect!

Well, let it suffice to say, this will be yet another really, really image-heavy post…but, I bet you’ve become accustomed to that..

looking down the aisle..hope I don’t trip…

Beautiful setting, for a beautiful day.

Groom and Jason…as the Bride walks down the aisle

Reading their personal vows..

a smile shared…

Mr. & Mrs. Jared Steller

a little help from her sister..

Bride and her Mom

Love from Mom

The First Dance.

Me, Jared, Ryan, and my Husband.

Groom with youngest sister

…a moment with her mom.

my girls…

Boy, Oh Boy…

resting the tootsies…which is what I did all the next day!

What a Day!!!

Be Well!