Down a country road…and along the river

As I travel down the nearby country roads, life seems to slow a little, simplifies as my mind wanders through the green fields and rolling hills… the quiet tranquility of a day in the country. These roads wind through small towns and past corn fields, weathered red barns, roadside chickens, tidy farmhouses, and old white churches
Sights both quaint and quirky, offer a reason to meander(think Norman Rockwell painting). If it weren’t for the few cars we passed along the way, it would be easy to imagine that we’d entered a time warp. This is very much the epitome of rural America. Winding our way past misty green fields, babbling brooks, and horses quietly nibbling the tender grasses,we continue up a shaded mountain road and down along the river; past more farms, some working some not. Farmers along the lovely county roads, offer a wide variety of fruits and vegetables for sale; sweet corn is in high season and absolutely delicious.
The Battenkill River is world renowned for its fishing…today it was bustling with kayaks and tubes. As families floated down the lazy Battenkill River on their tubes,canoes, and kayaks we couldn’t help but stop to take a closer look…it looked soo refreshing, wonder if they had a spare tube??? Maybe we will tube tomorrow ~ Another day, another adventure! We headed home; ice cream in hand, with a profound longing to spend more time exploring the lovely country roads; perhaps next fall when autumn colors etch the hills and fields in crimson,oranges,and gold. A weekend trip may be in order. Ever since I was young, I’ve loved the feeling of hitting the road. I look back with a fond sense of nostalgia to the days when our kids were piled into the station wagon for family vacations…packed like sardines with camping gear tied to the roof.

I’ll need to start planning that trip; but, in the meantime, I think I’ll just enjoy this beautiful summer!

An experience you just can’t get anywhere else. Swimming cows…I had to stop and take pictures..the Canadian Geese were in the field and the cows were in the stream. Made me smile!

No need to travel far…hop in your car, roll down the windows, crank up the tunes…and get out there! Maybe a bike trip?

Ahhh, Be well, and enjoy your day!

4 thoughts on “Down a country road…and along the river

  1. All this green does me good as I’m living in drought clenched Texas with my best friend. We’ve turned to blogging as a way to cope with our gate guarding adventure. Green–good for the soul! Thank you.


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