The animals teach me something every day…

Walk with me in my garden or pasture; I want to share with you…the love, peace and contentment I gain from caring for animals….the animals teach me everyday…they teach me as they contribute to my life by daily showing me joy, positivity, and hope. I appreciate every moment. I feel as though I can pass on that love and appreciation as I help young people become knowledgeable, in farming, in nature, in life.

I try to provide knowledge, and hands on experience to instill and create thoughtfulness and a love of agriculture and nature. I give kids the opportunity to get their hands dirty and see where their food and textiles comes from and establish better connections to the world around them…show them how we can live in better harmony with our environment.

Nearly every day, Misty Maples Farm has a few extra hands to help with farm chores. The hands are sometimes tiny,but they’re almost always dirty – and that’s a good thing.

Hands-on farm experiences— such as planting and harvesting vegetables,and taking scraps to the compost pile—children have opportunities to learn about healthy foods and build connections to the foods they eat. Most of the time they don’t even realize they are learning, they are simply having fun.

Helping the kids learn by touching, feeling, smelling…and the animals steal their hearts.

Living close to nature,is simply not a part of most of our lives anymore and we would like to help make it so!

Everyone should be able to feel the peacefulness of lying in the daybed on a maple shaded front porch hide away; reading, writing and listening to the sounds of the water, the birds, the chicks, or the gentle hum of the llamas.

If you feel like getting your hands dirty… Stop on by, we can harvest in the garden, feed ducks, chicks, or llamas…I could always use a little help.

Enjoy your time in the dirt! Be Well.

4 thoughts on “The animals teach me something every day…

  1. This is so wonderful, Jessica!! I love all the photos and, of course, what you wrote here. It’s SO true. Very happy that “KatDoll” is being so good with the children, cannot ask for more!!! Love, Katrina


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